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How much do we get caught up in appearances? How much do we let our intents and creativity be run by our impatience, expectations or desire for peace of mind? How much do we avoid looking at ourselves and rather choose to justify our bitterness or judgment towards anything and everything?

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How many times will we repeat the cycle of thrashing at the reflection, instead of looking at what is reflecting?

Too often we live our lives in a state of mind. A state in which we believe we can either be bored or entertained, discouraged or motivated, successful or unproductive, happy or unhappy, positive or negative, on track or off track, and so on. All because we buy into the belief that these states of mind define who we are. And not only do we define ourselves with these thoughts, we actually believe that they are righteous, as if they define reality and are our ultimate reference point of discernment.

This is the perceptual mind prison many of us still live in. The one that keeps us in the repetitive cycle of misidentification with what is ultimately our own creation: our beliefs, our thoughts.

Yet the extent of who we truly are cannot be encompassed by our beliefs and thoughts, simply because who we truly are is not the mind. All of these preconceptions created within the mind are actually the very thoughts that distract us from what is fundamentally real: the unconditional Love, Freedom, Peace, and creative potential of the present moment. Our mind is merely the projection of what we are choosing to experience, it is the “vehicle” in which our soul incarnates, learns, creates and expands – lifetime after lifetime – towards its natural limitlessness.

Yet who is to say that we need to crowd the wonderful gift that is our mind and physicality with chunks of false addictions, emotional baggages, limiting thoughts and beliefs? Who is to say that our inner-peace and potential depends on any form of illusory needs and egoic desires?

Who is to say we need to perpetually see ourselves as a fraction of who we truly are?

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The conditioned ego wants us to perceive ourselves and the present moment as limited, voided and lifeless, so that we always end up wanting more to fill us up, to feel “accomplished” and balanced – because that is how it is programmed, how it survives. It wants us to believe that inner-peace and creative freedom is a conditional state, that it is something to be attained in the future or is a thing of the past.

Yet for inner-peace to be real, it is without condition.

This is what we are being pressured to not see and understand, because without this fundamental and liberating wisdom, we become so easily manipulated through every ego-based illusion being thrown at us. Yet WITH this understanding, there would be no power to supply the current tyrannical system we are collectively enabling.

The bottom line is that changing the world is not a state of mind, it is not the conditioned state of wanting what we do not have. It is simply a state of being. It is the deep knowing within us that understands how all is but an experience within the self, which is eternal after all. It is through this most natural state, that it becomes natural to have the benefit of the whole at Heart, for in Truth, we are all One.

Through this beingness, emerges a Love, a Peace and a Freedom that has only been waiting for us to make use of it, for it IS the underlying essence of who we truly are. Not to mention that it emanates at a frequency that is key for change.

Once we surrender to the flow and find that timeless space of Peace within ourselves – despite our environment – we become fully alive and living in the Now. We finally perceive this moment with no judgment, because we see it for what it truly is: A playground that is OUR creation, as it has always been from the beginning.

When in this state of timelessness, everything becomes instant manifestation, for we are no longer controlled by any stories created in the mind, we are no longer limited by fear. We are finally aligned with ourselves, with the Universe.

We have reclaimed our true creator essence, we become effortlessly brave, we are Free.

We have uncovered Who We Truly Are.

Love, Elina

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