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I write this after experiencing a conference the other day that really put into perspective the state humanity is truly in. I was at a conference that was talking about introducing sustainable energy into education programs so that we don’t continue to teach our kids the way of fossil fuels.

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After listening to a number of respected and educated minds in the field, you could understand they were mainly all saying the same thing. We need to cut down our fossil fuel consumption as oil, natural gas and uranium are running out and we need to introduce wind, solar and tidal wave energy if we are going to have any chance of sustaining the population.  The other common understanding they all had was that it would take trillions of dollars being pumped into programs and perceptions were going to have to be changed to get this things under way and the main problems all exist within cost, politics and laws. By the end of the conference you began to realize all of these top minds were frustrated with the fact that very little is being done to implement sustainable solutions for energy.

Also what I found quite interesting was how visibly angry they were with the idea that Global Warming is fake. They all said the Science is their to prove it and it is a serious problem. Interestingly there has been some evidence about climate change having “fake science.”  (See links below)



Making observations throughout the entire conference I began to realize these people seemed to be missing the real issues here. They essentially were  trying to force the square plastic cube into the triangular hole and simply didn’t realize it. Why do I use this example? This world is not made for change, in any form.

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They are trying to introduce energy efficient solutions into a system that only cares about greed, profit, the economy, expansion, growth, control and power. Based on my observation, these people were no different either. How can you implement something that will cost more into a system that minimizes cost? How can you tell a company to lose initial profit and not be able to compete if competing is the name of the game? They basically want to maintain this entire system while implementing sustainable solutions. The “problem” here is the level of consciousness we are playing at. The ego is more concerned with maintaining the profit, the greed, the power and winning in  competition. We still separate ourselves by country on this planet and are proud of it! Countries then compete with one another to gain more control and power. How can you implement change in this system when every person, every city, and every country see themselves as separate from the rest and needs to be better? That’s why no one listens! That’s why no one cares and why no one will implement anything. We are completely disconnected from each other and who we truly are and are playing within a system where we only care about getting ahead, getting more money and having a “good” lifestyle.

The change has to happen in our consciousness. We have to let go of anything we see, hear or believe as THE WAY IT IS on this planet at this time. We created EVERYTHING here! And we can uncreate it and create something new. Nothing is natural and out of our control. Not the human body, not the planet, not the system… nothing. Its all programmed to be a certain way and project a certain experience. This is what we need to shift. You can promote wind, solar and tidal energy all you want, but unless we dissolve the ego’s hold on our experience, you will ALWAYS have a system, always have slavery, always have disconnection and always have greed, power and control. A new system is not a solution. It’s like installing a Mac operating system on a PC, it won’t work. Sure it may sound good and you may want it, but it simply won’t work. The shift has to be made in our consciousness!

One last thing I wanted to add here as many seem to be relying a great deal on the mind through science versus looking past it. Science is this: an explanation of what is playing out on the planet as a result of the consciousness we are experiencing. Meaning, we create the planet and everything to reflect a certain experience, our consciousness is the controller of all of it. Science merely looks at it and finds that in most cases they can prove various aspects. But why not in all cases? Why do things defy science so often? Again we go back, Science is only a low level understanding of what is playing out on the planet and it sets RULES, RULES that don’t exist! Our consciousness shifting means the planet will shift and reflect something different. A new set of experiences, can come as a result of consciousness shifts, throwing that which was defined in the old set out the window!

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