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Yes, there is a tyrannical control mechanism in place reinforcing illusions (fear, powerlessness, having no control over our experience, division, religion, governmental hierarchy e.t.c.) and yes, without it, the individual would be more likely to learn from each moment of its experience without deceitful external influences, and to experience its true essence of freedom.

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But what we have to understand is: these people in power are ONLY in power because we collectively buy into their mass spread conceptual illusions. It is not they who keep us locked in a “caged” frequency band of tyranny and perceptional suffering… it is the entire collective who still buy into all the dualistic illusions we are being fed, which perpetuates a reality of disharmony as a result of this level of consciousness.

Yes, innocent children in third world countries are still suffering, yet instead of ignoring or blaming everyone else for it, we should change our perceptional lens and realize that this reflected disharmony is serving as a wake up call for us all to see this bigger picture, to learn about the structures we are giving power to, and most of all, for us to be the change we wish to see in the world. If we continued with our unconsciousness and no one felt the unbalance.. what would we learn? If we continued killing ourselves and treating the earth poorly, without ever having a destructive reaction from nature, what would we learn?

We may feel that their power is so strong, evil, dark… yet each and every one of us are equally the creators of our collectively experienced reality.

Some may say: well I’m awake and not participating in the unsustainable, why should I have to pay? Yet we have to understand -out of Love- that we are all One. We are evolving individually.. and as one with the collectivity.

We may also say : We are victims, and we are saying this from experience… yet this is exactly where we are missing the point. Our experience is our perception of it, our experience is whether we have learnt its lesson or are perpetuating disharmony through more judgment and blame. We shall remain “victims” as long as we buy into the illusion of it.

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It is indeed so hard for the conditioned ego to accept that we are all facets of the limitless and creative consciousness that underlies all experiences.. and that we all possess its very limitless potential because we ARE it. Yet beyond all layers of forgetfulness, it is the truth.

If you begin to shift internally within your own experience, and begin to rise your awareness and transcend inner-duality, this state of beingness will reflect outwards in your own life. Not out of the desire to escape suffering, but out of the loving understanding that it is ultimately your awareness that brings about your experience. The soul does not see things as “right” or “wrong”… it simply understand that all experiences is the reflection that will bring about the lesson needed. The soul does not judge, it does not believe in “saving itself”… the soul is only Love.

The more ones light shine, the more it uplifts the whole collective consciousness. We are all connected. This is the suppressed knowledge. Blame and justification means that we are still missing the point, even though it may seem so sensical to the mind.

I know in my heart, and as the soul that I am/we are, that it is not through pointing at the reflection -no matter how righteous we feel about doing it- that we will change the world. It is the other way around: Change begins individually, and then collectively.

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