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The time has come and our new short documentary ‘Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth’ has been released and is ready to be viewed for free on YouTube.

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We highly encourage you to make copies of our work and spread it around as much as you can. For that reason we have made very cost effective DVD’s for others to obtain, watch in full quality and make mass copies of to share. You can buy DVD copies in paper sleeve made for mass duplication here!

We also encourage you to share the YouTube link as much as you can to help spread awareness.

This short documentary looks at the initial theories behind the effectiveness of fluoride and where it originated. It goes on to show the lack of science behind the use of Fluoride and reveals Fluoride as a toxic waste substance that is being pumped into our drinking water. The documentary will conclude by delivering the “hard to swallow truth” of fluoride which pertains to why it is actually used.

Check it out HERE –

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