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2011 has been quite an eventful year already with many colorful happenings taking place all across the world. We have seen things happen on the political front, financial front, environmental front and in government. While some of these events are completely orchestrated by certain individuals, they are still taking place for us to see.

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The Fukushima nuclear accident, as a result of an earthquake, was one event that shook many. From this we are able to see the technologies we use are not harmonious with us or the planet. We have alternative clean ways of doing things but we continue to do things this way because that’s what is profitable. It takes an event like this, one that makes it so obvious, so we can look at things and realize more deeply that this doesnt make sense to continue this way.  Each time we witness or experience things as time continues to progress we can always ask the question: “Do we want to keep playing the game like this?”

Recently the US released information of the apparent death of Osama Bin Laden. This was just another opportunity for us to see things for what they are. Something so blatant, so obvious, and so silly, so we can see things and gain clarity from the massive falsehoods being presented to us by those in power. It allows us to realize what is truly going on. For those who already knew Bin Laden had been dead since the early 2000’s, they saw this as a complete joke when it hit the mainstream media. For those who were on the fence it allowed them to look at things deeper and find truth by means of those in power being blatantly obvious about their deceptions.For those who fully believed it, they were able to witness the overwhelming numbers who were sharing information that was the complete opposite of what mainstream was telling us.

These events are an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes, but that is only a small part of it. This world before us is just a projection. A projection we collectively create and experience. We ask for these blatant obvious events so we are able to see what kind of game we are playing here and wake up from the slumber we are currently in. What better way than with events that are completely obvious?

Consciously we are really beginning to expand ourselves and see beyond the smokescreen. We are beginning to feel more and more that there is so much more to this world and to US. Events like this continue to push us to awaken and realize more and more that we have simply been living with our eyes shut for thousands of years. It was a blast, a fun ride, but there’s more to the theme park than just the bumper cars. It’s time to stop playing the cycle of bumping our heads into the wall over and over again and get on a new ride!


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