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With the recent release of our new documentary ‘Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth’ it was brought to our attention that Toronto has some new plans to force Toronto residents into drinking fluoridated water.

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In 2008 Toronto City Council voted to have all bottled water banned in Toronto owned facilities by the end of 2011. Toronto facilities would offer tap water to those who want water. This tap water is, of course fluoridated. The move is an attempt to help reduce water bottle waste which is an understandable goal. However, citizens are going to have a harder time getting away from fluoride with the new ban.

Currently there are quite a few bottled water brands that are not fluoridated. They are: Smart Water, O2 Aqua, Dasani, Shoppers Drug Mart brand water, and distilled water that can be purchased from your local grocery store

Along with Toronto owned facilities, restaurants and university campuses are all following suit with the ban. Restaurants are replacing bottled water options with tap water filtered through a carbon filter. The system is called Q water. This system does not effectively filter water nor does it remove fluoride. Universities are replacing their bottled water options with hydration stations which are also fluoride filled. The Toronto facility ban and university ban are both powered by the Polaris Institute: a group that states on their website that they are geared towards democratic social change. Would be a treat if their main initiative was instead to try and get fluoride removed from Toronto’s water supply.

Now obviously having excess amounts of bottles is not the most harmonious thing for the planet but at the same time efforts are being made here to force people into having fewer and fewer non-fluoridated water options. It should also be noted that the majority of bottled water companies use PET plastic to make their bottles, which is 100% recyclable (and BPA free).

If you are unfamiliar with the effects of fluoride you can check out our documentary here. Fluoride is a toxic waste substance. The substance used in Toronto’s water is hydrofluorosilic acid. It does absolutely NOTHING to prevent tooth decay.

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The issue here is that we should have the ability to choose whether or not we want to consume fluoridated water. For those who feel fluoridation is a good thing (which usually comes from not knowing what fluoride is and does) they seem to not have a problem with fluoridated water. But for the growing number of people who do not want fluoridated water, it seems less and less can be done to avoid it. It’s essentially forced medication with no choice.

A petition has been created to stop the ban and bring more choice back which is a small step in the effort to have safer drinking water. You can check out and sign the petition here. You can also join this Facebook page to spread awareness

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