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Today the search for truth seems more prominent than ever before. Many even consider themselves to be a part of a movement known as ‘The Truth Movement’ We also seem to hear ourselves saying “this is my truth.” What does this statement really mean? At the end of the day, isn’t there just one truth?

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The answer of course is YES, there is one universal truth when it comes to everything. The key thing we must begin to realize is most often our ‘truths’ are actually based on things that aren’t true at all but instead just beliefs, perceptions, concepts and ideas we make real.

The video created below explains quite clearly what is happening here. We have piled a great number of things on top of the truth creating something that is a skewed version of ‘truth.’ We must realize, no matter what we stack on top of the truth, it never changes. The moment we begin to release all that we block the truth with ie. our beliefs, education, religions, concepts, perceptions of how things need to be, judgments of right and wrong etc. we begin to get closer to the truth. Eventually when you are able to see things from a neutral standpoint, you are able to determine the truth more clearly. We realize that beyond all that we cover the truth with, truth is truth and will always be truth.

Much Love

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