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If we believe we can win a war, we will fight it. It we believe we are separate from one another, separation will rule. If we believe this is all there is to life, life will remain this way. If we believe in blaming others for where we are at, we will not take responsibility for ourselves. If we believe we can do nothing to make the world a better place, we will do nothing about it.

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The bottom line is, we collectively created this reality along with our perceptions, and the formula hasn’t changed. However, the formula that is shaping our reality is much simpler than an infinite amount of particles holding it together. Because what is holding these particles together, is consciousness.

“Quantum scientists are now conducting measurable experiments, never before thought possible, to prove the theory – consciousness creates reality.” – Melanie Tonia Evans

An individual shift in consciousness, creates a change in one life. A collective shift in consciousness, creates a change in the world. But let’s not forget… change begins individually, and then collectively. It is not the other way around.

Much Love to all of you co-creators 😉

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