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When you identify yourself with the emotion of love, you believe you are it, and therefore you become controlled by it. You create stories and rules around it because of how serious and vital you believe it is. It can even go to the point where you can feel hurt if “things don’t go your way”, because of the barriers, expectations and rules you have created around this inherently simple and beautiful expression¬†of love.

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Yet an expression of love is just that; an expression of love. You are not the barriers around it, the attachment to it, the fear of loosing it, the thoughts about it, or even the emotion that is felt. You are the soul that is experiencing it all.

The moment you begin to realize that emotions do not define you; the made up rules, limitations and attachments you have once believed in suddenly dissolve. You are left with nothing but the present moment, and the pure love and awareness that you truly are. From that peaceful space, exempt from all mind stories, you are free to exchange the pure love that you are in an utmost powerful and blissful way, all while the emotions, the touch, and the affection are seen and experienced as pure play. Neediness and ownership do not exist any longer. The old reality of being a programmed human controlled by its emotions is replaced by a new reality: I fully know that I am a soul made of pure love and infinite potentiality, and it is from this awareness that I shall choose to play, feel, and exchange Love.

“The emotion of love is not who we are… it is merely a conduit to channel the love that we already are.”

We are One.

From my entire essence,

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