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We are all one. Yet all of us are on our own journey, and are in charge of ours only. Unconditional Love understands that, and accepts that in utmost peace.

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Unconditional Love is so unconditional, that it will unconditionally love every facet of itself, every challenge, every emotion, every wound, every path or choice taken, knowing that they are simply experiences that were needed.

Needed for what? Simply for each and every one of us to learn to equally love these very emotions, challenges and paths for what they truly are: An experience. An expression of Love wandering unexplored roads, only so that it can one day realize that whatever road was and is taken can always lead home. And home… is unconditional Love.

“Recognize, you ARE Home. Not, you are ‘at home’… you ARE Home. Not, you have ‘come home’… you ARE Home. You are that which IS Home.” – Gangaji

From my entire essence,


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