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September 2011 is here. Over the past few years many different human made systems have shown a lot of instability. Conflict, environmental, social, political and economic turmoil is happening. Within each one of these different aspects of  life on earth,  lies a hidden agenda and suppressed truth. Many new revealings over the past decade have been responsible for slowly creating a new paradigm of thought. One topic of high interest within people is the search for extraterrestrial life. Truth is, we are not alone in the universe, and we have never been alone in the universe. All of the information that continues to to surface is a good indicator to show that we really didn’t need it, we knew  all along, didn’t we? It ‘s also a good indicator of the shift in consciousness the planet is currently experiencing. More and more things are presenting themselves worldwide in order for us to wake up to who and what we really are, the soul that lies within. The power of love that we all hold within us has so much potential for all of us to re-create our own reality, and have a whole new experience. Many people on the planet are finding themselves naturally detaching from materialistic things. Humans have been told what to do for so long, their thoughts have been manipulated to the point where we became drones, robots, living in a prison we cannot see. Unaware of this, we are sure to be unaware of the ‘magic’ that lies outside the box. Our thoughts are a result of the program we live in. Human beings live in a state of fear, they fear judgment, they fear not achieving their goals, they fear what others think of them and if they ‘fit in’. When will we ask our selves what exactly are we trying to ‘fit’ into and why do we give it so much importance. Truth is, it’s all good, life’s no big deal, and neither are your problems. Problems are just illusions of the mind, they really do not exist. Everything is an experience. The decisions you make in your life are for yourself, you have a choice, you can let go of all the prisons the mind can place on itself or you can hang on.  Once you let go, there is nothing that can exist but love. As more and more people let go of mental concepts that are not serving the higher self, the more we step into to our new reality, our new experience here on planet earth. With a new experience, comes a greater understanding about the nature of reality.

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But let’s look at it deeper. Mainstream media has always been one method used as a tool to manipulate the minds and consciousness of the human population. When did humanity stop asking questions? To question the information we are given in a critical way is a healthy thing to do. So let’s take a look at what kind of questions we should be asking given the information presented to us.


For the past few years, three letter agencies have made some of their UFO files public. The United States has still to act, but the NSA, CIA, and FBI have all made files available for public viewing. Furthermore, dozens of government’s have made their files open for public viewing. Major news stations (brainwash central) have been covering this topic heavily recently and continue to do so. The goal here is a mainstream presentation saying yes, UFOs are real. Unfortunately, they omit any significant/real information about the topic itself. Further transparency of the UFO topic has not only been felt with the release of previously classified documents, but with high level officials  going on the record to share their experiences within the military industrial complex. Bottom line, an overwhelming amount of evidence exists to give credence to the reality of UFOs. No gain can be made by trying to prove this reality to others, and this can be a good lesson in itself. Those who are inclined and supposed to stumble upon the information they have, have done so for a purpose.  A part of the population will simply have trouble making the transition to this reality, and some may have already chosen to not be a part of it. Truth is, the reality of extraterrestrials is a small stepping stone to a much larger/grander picture. Who are these beings? Where do they come from? Why do they continue to display their craft here and there, What is going on?

Broadcast’s usually do their best to not go into the meaning of this reality, and they encourage a fear perspective. They are presenting this information, knowing that a certain stigma behind the subject may exist. This is one way to look at it. But the truth is, so many souls on the planet are now awakening to the truth and meaning behind the extraterrestrial reality, that any type of manipulation of the elite via media and fear mongering would be useless.

This is a quote taken from a recent airing on CNN regarding UFOs. The anchor asks if this is a National Security Issue. UFOs are not a national security issue. “National Security” is a title that  is used to cover up the real reason why trillions of dollars are pumped into the department of defense, it is all a lie.  Media and documentation release are hoped to be taken with a fear perspective by those that have been manipulating our reality. No extraterrestrials are going to invade us, kill us and take over our resources. Manipulation has already been occurring, and the resource has already been us. We have been kept in the dark, and a lack of information and light has made us easy to control. The state of the planet has been one of greed, fear and human beings controlled by the  ego mind. Certain entities have fed off of this for a long time, and they are currently experiencing the demise of what they have worked to put together.

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This was Nick Pope’s response to a question, he is the former head of the British Government’s UFO investigative unit, which allowed him access to some information regarding unidentified flying objects.

It is not easy to be put in front of a camera, discussing a topic in which the media tries to control human perception towards the topic. (UFOs).


“There’s something in your airspace, you need to know what it is. No government can

really go public and say, there are things in our skies, we don’t know what they are,

pilots chase them sometimes but can’t catch them. There are near misses with these

things and commercial aircraft which has happened on numerous occasions. It would

be an omission that we had lost control of our own airspace” (4:44)

“We or at least some of us interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first

and ask questions after. It is ironic that the US should be fighting monstrously

expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, illegibly to bring democracy to those

two countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when

trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on which

both the congress and the commander in chief have been kept deliberately in the

dark” – Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Minister of National Defense


Statements regarding UFOs are available everywhere from high ranking officials. Even military personal, a number of generals and political figures. For a few more quotes you can check out this article.

The Good/Bad Extraterrestrial Argument

Many individuals have latched onto the extraterrestrial reality, and within this truth movement a lot of disinformation can present itself. With an abundance of information available, it is most import to go within, find your heart space and really allow yourself to feel what information resonates with you, and what information doesn’t. What we call the universe is one giant playground for souls. Extraterrestrials are us, the same thing, the same soul that generated from the same source. We are all connected, we are all a part of each other, we are all one, we are all us. The awakening and realization of this fact is not just happening to planet earth, it is happening all over the universe. Extraterrestrials are all souls that are having what we call a ‘physical’ experience. Sure, some may not have the best intentions, and some may differ greatly in that respect from one another. The point is, that we are all the same, and we are all love, even if we, or some other beings don’t know it yet. Different beings operate at different frequencies, and therefore are having different experiences. Good and bad are just concepts made up by the mind, they really don’t exist, no judgment.  If we allow ourselves to go beyond UFOs and into the extraterrestrial reality, we can go into the millions of reported contact experiences that humans share with extraterrestrials. This, along with the rise in UFO sightings being reported continue to increase.

Humanity has been manipulated via a prison we cannot see, at the same time, humanity also has assistance via other happenings we cannot see. But the main point is, that we are all one, that we are the ones that will change things, we are the ones that have to change ourselves. We are responsible for everything we create. Look within, and find your inner peace, go with the flow and just be yourself.

The more we change within, the more we attract those who exist at a different frequency. As a collective, as the shift to inner peace in individuals continues, and our current ‘system’ we are experiencing dissolves, we come closer to “disclosure” As we all realize what we all are, ONE. As we unite in peace/love, new doors and experiences are available for us. As we awaken to what has/is really happened/happening on our planet, we remove the dark/fear experience and transition to a light/love experience. We have the ability to create our reality, we have the opportunity to raise our frequency to match the reality we want to experience. The extraterrestrial reality is one that has presented itself  to assist us in our quest to a more peaceful state, A peaceful being within helps develop a peaceful existence without. Everything is energy, (Einstein), energy can change form. Our bodies are transforming, and to assist with this transformation and transfiguration of our DNA and physical structure we can do a variety of things. Home grown organic food is best. In today’s world this is difficult and pricy, so do your best to stay light so your body can absorb the energy it needs too. Use your imagination when you are drinking water, in your state of gratitude and love, take in the water, give your thought to it, give your love to it and energize it as it goes into you. Sun gaze, your body houses your soul, when you take care of your vehicle it can be most beneficial in ways that we might not even be aware of to the higher self. What is most important is that you are at peace with what you are putting into your body. Meditation and relaxation is important. Meditation is sometimes misunderstood, meditation is simply dissolving the mind from thought. This is happening naturally in many people, who are returning to their most natural state, almost a thoughtless type of existence as we are preparing ourselves to experience something new, a state of complete inner peace, and aligning our selves to our true purpose.  Meditation can occur at any time, whilst you are doing anything.  It is important to stay in love, to stay in balance and this in turn helps our mother earth as she is also going through a dimensional shift. Opportunities in your life to transcend your ego present themselves all the time. Opportunities and challenges for you to enter a state of inner peace despite what is happening in your life are always there. It is important to catch these moments, be aware of these moments and learn from these amazing opportunities. You can also look at your reactions, are you reacting from you ego? Are you reacting from a balanced, inner peace state?

“In a state of inner peace, nothing can harm you”

Everything we give so much value too, money, jobs, material consumption, where we will live, how we will survive is really not important or useful at all. They are just concepts the mind makes up that occupies us so much to the point where we don’t even stop and realize what is happening around is. It no longer serves what we are trying to achieve. Our belief structures, educational institutions, financial structure and more are all tools used to experience,and move on. These limiting structures provide no growth for us except as an awakening tool to move on and experience a type of growth that we could not have perceived without the experience of life on earth.


Much Love <3


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