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I have been wanting to share this message for quite some time and so here it is! This is inspired by events that have transpired in the last few months in my experience.

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Various experiences and events have taken place that have challenged some of the deepest  ideals, belief systems and concepts I felt were a part of me and this experience. Whether it had to do with the work I do, friends, relationships or “big decisions” in life, many things were challenged and what a ride it has been. But this is what we are here for at this time. To look at ourselves, look at all that we hold onto and all that we define our reality with. Literally everything! If you are feeling like you are the only one out there going through this stuff and feel like everything is backwards -that things are constantly being challenged, know that what you are experiencing is perfect and have fun with it!

Now when I say that recent experiences have challenged some deep things, I truly mean that. And they were things I thought and felt would hurt others, challenge others in a way that they didn’t need and that I may have been making mistakes etc. But look at where each one of those statements comes from. In some way each one has to do with fear or judgement. All coming from the mind making the experience serious! Making is seem like things must be a certain way and to challenge that is not right!

After experiencing what I have experienced and facing many deep challenges, overcoming them and moving forward, I have one very special thing that I have reminded myself about over and over and truly understand to a deep level. We are here to play! None of what we are experiencing is as serious as we think!! The mind can make things very real, very dramatic, very frightening. I know! But the highest aspect of who we are is always clear, always neutral and always sharing with us exactly what we need to hear because IT IS US! We are not the mind or the stories it creates that makes things so serious. They are there because that is our challenge. To go beyond the mind and the stories it creates -so we can experience this sensorial world and remember who we truly are.

Whether it’s life choices, relationships, friends, work, family, sports, or everyday events, know that it’s just an experience! We can spend our whole lives always caught up in the drama and intensity of each moment only to realize we missed out on the entire journey of it because we were caught up in the mind. We perpetuate our so called “suffering” when we make things serious and make them a big deal, when really we can see it for what it is and allow it to be. This is called finding true peace. I’m not talking about simply accepting things and saying “well get over it” or “that’s how it is so deal with it” No. I’m talking about truly seeing things for what they are. Seeing why we color something in a particular way. Seeing the belief system behind why something is good or bad or right or wrong or even why its serious! I promise you, behind every strong emotion, every serious situation, there is a belief system that makes it that way. One that is held in the mind and made real by the mind. But the mind is not YOU! See the story! Let it go and just play! You will find much peace and joy in flowing through your experience in this way.

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