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I am sure that many of you have heard the phrase connecting to source, but what does this mean? And what is source? To try and simplify this, source is all there is, it is everything and nothing, it is you and it is everything else. Source is the wholeness of your higher self, which is essentially, your soul.

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Connecting with you higher self can be a really simple thing. Do you have to completely quiet your mind, sit cross legged and say ‘om…., om…’ and meditate for hours? No. All it takes is a knowing, a clarity of your higher awareness. Having an intuition and going with it. Feeling the love from yourself and others, and everything around you. Taking the time to feel each moment as it comes. By not getting wrapped up in mind stories or judgments, and most importantly, being you in every situation.

By being in the moment and being you, you are being source, because you are source. Whatever you may be doing, painting, reading, writing, working, playing, listening to music, anything. Just be present and you will feel the strong connection to yourself and everything else, your higher self, and source, all there is. It comes as a strong familiar feeling, a sense of knowing, a feeling of love and it can create a nice warm tingly sensation at times. You just feel at peace. Connecting to source feels so familiar because you remember how simple it all really is, and how complicated our minds like to make it from time to time. The more you connect, the more it will feel like everything is just perfect just the way it is.

Much Love
Alanna 🙂

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