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Production is underway for ‘The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience’ DVD’s. We now have them available for purchase at our store which you can find at this link (CLICK HERE) or by clicking “Store” at the top of the page. Note that it is still in pre-order status and the DVD’s will begin shipping Oct 17th 2011 but orders are being taken now.

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If you are interested in selling the documentary through your website, store or are interested in bulk orders, please contact us at

We are very pleased with the early response CE2 has gotten in only 5 days. We want to thank everyone for the support! Much Love to you all.


CE Team

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How would YOU change the future?

Will “business as usual” take our planet and civilization down the road to complete destruction?.

In this new film called Prosperity, you can learn the ways in which companies are changing the game in order to change our world. CE's founder Joe Martino is in this film talking about CE's business practices.

Watch the film free to see how things are changing.

How would YOU change the future?

Watch the new film Prosperity for free and learn how the game is changing on this planet. Watch now!


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