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When experiences seem intense, it’s so easy to get caught up in stories and emotions. We can fall into a victim state and fire up all the programs that reinforce the way we have defined and identified ourselves for so long. It’s easy because this way of life has been engrained and repeated by humans for centuries. We’ve been repeating this cycle for a very long time. Slaves to our minds. We still hold on to a belief system that things “just happen” and they are out of our control. No matter what the experience, no matter how you feel, the universal truth is that you are a creator and you have never experienced anything on this planet without agreeing to do so. I had an experience today, which I won’t go into detail with, that brought up some very deep and dark emotion in which I felt victimized. I felt segregation, retaliation, deception, etc. All of these emotions and stories fired up through my sub-conscious mind, where the ego lies. I felt it deep within me. It was stuff that I didn’t even realize was still there. It was a feeling that I didn’t want to feel and the reason why it has been buried for so long. I didn’t want to feel it because not only did I not want to accept as the truth to who I am, I didn’t want to feel it because it just simply doesn’t resonate with me any longer. It really allowed me to see the depth of how dark humans can go within our disconnection in this game we call life. It is because we have become locked up in fear, creating our lives through fear. Most often we just react to life rather than truly see it for what it is and obtain the growth from it. The growth comes from having the strength to let go of what no longer serves ourselves as individuals as well as collectively being the human race. Need, judgement, separation and fear. These are all things that drive our current reality. We are so afraid of the world and surviving in it that we will go to great lengths for this survival, shutting off our hearts and using our minds to drive our actions. If we want to change the world it starts with us. It starts with us having the courage to go beyond old accepted ways of thinking and doing and rising above in a higher consciousness.

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We think that these stories are real power. We think fear is power. This is the great illusion on our planet.


If you feel someone has hurt you or you feel victimized, can you let that feeling go and see the beauty of the agreement and the experience you have created? Through that hurt often can come feelings of retaliation and vengeance. Are you able to let that go? Are you able to love them unconditionally and all else who may do the same? Of course we can. It’s a choice. We have to come to understand that when we no longer carry the emotion inside of us, we no longer would need to create or experience that situation because we have grown from it. We never experience anything if we don’t need to for growth.


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We are in a purging and clearing process where all lower energies are needing to be dissolved if we wish to move forward into an entirely new experience. This is being done by making agreements, at the soul level, with other souls to have experiences together that will surface what we need to let go of. It’s really all a beautiful agreement. We’re all playing roles here for each other and the goal is to find peace. Life here is a school in which we come to play and experience to remember who we are. Who we are is love, peace. We really need to ask ourselves if we are truly feeling this inner peace. What drives us? Why do we feel the way we do?

Freedom will come when we realize that we have the power and have had it all along. We can change. We can let go of the heaviness and darkness that weighs us down. It would propel us into a whole new reality beyond what most can imagine at this point. I love you very much as we are one and I am grateful for what this planet has taught me. It doesn’t have to be like this, we don’t have to be afraid any longer. We have to move beyond the mind and listen to our inner guidance, the heart, where the seat of the soul lies. Underneath the darkness is a beautiful being with the light of love.

“When the power of love overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace.”


Massive amounts of love!




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