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A movement called Occupy Wall Street sprung up a few weeks ago sending hundreds of people to Wall Street in New York to protest the state of the economy. At first mainstream media would not cover the event and were trying to keep it quiet. But as numbers grew and some big names showed up, they had no choice but to start covering the story. With Occupy Wall Street now starting to make it’s way into other countries including here in Toronto, more and more are hearing about the event and it is raising an overall awareness that people are not happy with how the world is running at this time.

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Luke Rudkowski, the founder of Wearechange, was in New York covering the story when he got a chance to interview Deepak Chopra who was down there. He asked Chopra what his thoughts were on the event and Chopra responded with “A problem cannot be solved in the same level of consciousness it was created in. Through anger, fear and greed. We have to raise the consciousness of the collective up one level.” (see video below)

This is precisely the message that needs to be getting out right now. If we want to change the system and change our world here, we cannot do it through the energies or anger, fear and judgement. We must see it from the big picture and stop adding to the vibration that is projecting the world as it is today. Everything we do to raise awareness we must do through peace and love in order to truly make a difference.

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