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Today marked the launch of the worldwide occupy movement where people in cities around the world took their message to the streets.

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Occupy Toronto began with a meet up at King and Bay in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. Occupiers then marched their way through city streets ending off at St. James Park where they set up their tents, food tables and audio equipment. St. James Park appears to be the location the movement will occupy for as long as things last.

I will say there was as slight bit of disappointment arriving and seeing that the movement was limited to being at the park and not IN THE STREETS. You can sense that at this location not much can really be done to send a message. By this I mean, what does the establishment care that they no longer have the use of a small park that rarely gets used to begin with? Nonetheless, I feel this is a great start and it’s great to see people unifying with a message. Also, its early. After the first few days I’m sure the movement will eventually make it’s way to the streets and not just with marching but with an actual occupying of the streets.

More to come as things unfold.

Much Love

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