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Everyone has probably heard of this by now, or at least have heard of the name. The Occupy Movement is gaining a lot of attention on social networks, YouTube, websites and even in the mainstream media. To sum it up, citizens are occupying the financial sectors of their cities in countries all over the world. A movement, that initially started on Wall Street, has a simple goal: to get the attention of the world and have their voices heard on a matter that affects us all -how our financial system is currently operating.

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The Occupiers have no intention of making things violent, or chaotic, but simply to peacefully occupy city space to send a message. This of course is not being taken so well by the governments of each city, who have been sending large numbers of police to contain, arrest and shut down what has been a non-violent event.

I feel this movement is important for a few reasons.

1. Eye Opening
Many of us spend our days with our heads down, going to and from work or to and from school, not thinking much about what is really going on with the world. Not realizing we operate very much like a robot, simply responding off of a series of programs telling us what to do each minute of the day. Newspapers, news stations, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even seeing the event live, no matter how people are finding out about it, it is eye opening to see large numbers  in cities all over the world spending days and weeks occupying the streets of financial districts. Citizens united, with a single goal in mind, to raise awareness of our current state. This is important because people are not only hearing that something BIG is happening in our world, but now they are seeing it in a clear and loud way.

2. Awareness
Many of us still walk through life having no idea how our world really works. We think we elect our government, we think we have freedom, we think we have choice and we think we are being taken care of by our governments. If you have paid attention at all to what happens outside of the dreamworld that education and mainstream media pulls us into, you will know that our world is manipulated, controlled and set up by a group of individuals who do not have the betterment of all as their main goal. Seeing a movement like occupy, where the message includes the truth that our financial system is built off of money printed from thin air, controlled by a few and used to enslave the rest. This message is getting out to many who have not yet in their journey figured this out, and as numbers rise of those who see it, the system loses power one by one. Making the world aware is a big step.

3. Unity
This movement is not limited to just one or two cities here and there. It has spread all over the world. With unity you have a main goal, a main message. Individualism of who you are and how you express yourself is not lost in unity. It is not lost when a collective comes together to respect one another and share a message for the betterment of all. Unity is not power, unity is our natural state. We are all humans living and experiencing together on this planet. To do things together, with a common goal is a beautiful thing. Look at our world now, look at what has been created when we keep ourselves separate and fighting against one another. It’s no secret as to what it creates. Unity, is a beautiful thing.

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4. Personal Expansion
This to me is one of the most important things. With awareness comes open doors, with open doors comes true freedom. We have been living, and still do, in a world where we have thick structures and rules all across every facet of society. We are meant to think that it is to maintain order, but really it is for control. What comes of the Occupy movement with information, awareness and unity is open doors to begin to see how things work, what they have created, and what we can do next. Each person has their own chance for personal growth in this. See how they have lived their lives, what beliefs have made them make choices and what they want to do going forward. With personal expansion comes collective expansion. Instead living in a tiny box called ‘Our Current System’ expansion allows us to step out of the box, move forward, move on with creating something new.

Sure, not every person on the streets of occupy are sharing the exact same message. Some want more jobs, some want the elite taken down, some want ‘real democracy’ but all are there because they see something. They see that we cannot keep doing this, we cannot keep playing within a system that creates nothing but separation, slavery and destruction. Because this will only lead to the destruction of our race. People are united in the streets because they want change. This is one of many steps that will continue to lead us to a new world, one that is well beyond the limitations of today. It is up to each one of us to be change. Be ourselves and share what we truly feel inside.

Much Love to all,

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