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Quantum theory is a branch of physics that provides a mathematical description of the wave-particle duality of matter and energy. Even though our quantum world has been crucial for humanity to leap out of mind limiting concepts, not enough emphasis within Education is given to pure consciousness and it’s relation to our understanding of quantum physics. This is a great example of what is known, yet not given enough attention and time due to it’s ability to open minds and climb further into the truth about the nature of our reality.  When the human mind ponders about what is beyond this planet, we tend to think of long distance, time and a vast amount of space between an infinite number of physical objects. Truth is, space is just a construct that gives the illusion that there is a separation between objects. Entanglement has taken our science world far, but the tendency of the human mind to think in a physical, linear way has put limitations on what we can discover and achieve. It is the understanding of the non physical that will leap humanity farther into knowing. Entanglement only goes so far in it’s explanation of what is, it concludes since everything was entangled at the moment of the big bang, everything is still touching. Scientists have developed a device that can separate a pair of entangled electrons. If you send one to the other side of the universe, and do something to one of them, the other one will respond instantly in the same way. Dr Quantum on Entanglement.

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Truth is, what sparked the big bang is consciousness. This universe began as one, as did others. The big, one giant ball of light, pure consciousness was infinite potential. This giant ball of light separated itself, and started to expand into pure nothingness, pure infinite potentiality to go out and create different experiences on many different planets. Everyone and everything is pure consciousness, me, you, earth, mars, plants, and extraterrestrials, all matter is just pure consciousness, pure potentiality experiencing different realities and types of existences. This is hard for the human mind to grasp, consciousness is non physical, it creates the illusion of the physical by itself. Given the structure of our physical bodies, we are all infinite potential, as human beings, the only problem is the ego mind creating limitations on our ability to create. Once we rid ourselves of these limitations, together, we can begin to change the experience, thus begin to change the structure of our own human body to match the new reality we are collectively willing to create for ourselves.  Truth is, we are not what we have been told, we are not what we have thought, you become what you think, so let’s start to discover what we really are, infinite potential, with no definitions,  judgement, or limitations. Together we rise. We are evolving, and we are reaching a rapid state of evolution, it has been happening for a long time, but we are really seeing it take off now, simply by being able to identify the limiting structures that limit our potential, and seeing ourselves for what we really are, all different facets of everything and everyone else.

Limiting Potential

The purpose of our existence is to break free from limiting control structures, so we can begin to experience something we have never created before. We have the opportunity to change the vibrational frequency of this planet. All matter is just energy which is vibrating at a specific frequency,a change in frequency means a change in experience, but this cannot happen with a consciousness remaining in a limited structure. With the infinite number of experiences that consciousness has created for itself, it has also created experiences in the universe that are limiting. Limiting consciousness is all about soul growth, our body is just a physical shell that houses our soul. Our soul is here to experience this reality, this earth, and this life which puts limitations on our potential. These limitations are created by the ego mind, and can be compared to a form of measurement and definition. Human beings on planet earth are currently in the process of throwing all these definitions and labels we have put upon ourselves out the window, and as we do so our earth comes closer to completion. 2012 is simply the end of one cycle, and the beginning of a new one, the merging of oneness, the merging of ourselves with the other facets of ourselves. What happens to us, happens to earth and happens to the universe, it is all connected.This means that enormous changes await us as we choose to not be defined and told what we are  anymore, and return to our most natural state, pure potentiality through the grasping of inner peace and just being ourselves in every moment we experience. Once we reach this most natural state of inner peace, we don’t let anything define us, we are free, we are pure potentiality to create whatever we want, the universe will always give us what we ask for. A great way  to limit our potential is to place us in fear, and to create from fear. A great way for us to throw off all of our definitions, and get rid of the illusion of separation is love.  Where does this limiting reality come from? From a group called the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a group of souls who’s main goal is to lock the planet in a specific vibrational frequency, it is so our soul stays asleep in these bodies that posses the ego mind. Our minds are the creators of our reality, if controlled, it really limits our potential.


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The earth experience has been one of lies, deception manipulation and human control. Money governs our actions, simply because we chose to give it value. It is one of many tools to lock us into breaking out of this experience. The entire military industrial complex has been full of lies and manipulation, as well as politics, education and religion. The key and answer to our existence is LOVE. That’s what we are, we are all love, no matter what. Our experiences are there to serve us, and help us awaken to who we truly are inside, pure love. We all come from the same thing, a source of pure love and light. So be it. It is funny, we are the tool being used, each moment a soul awakens to the truth, this limiting structure dissolves and we get to experience a new experience. Other planets have already experienced the understanding of oneness, and some not. The current process that is taking place on earth is special, and many are around for the show. We are all connected, it is not hard to travel through space, once you realize there is no space.

[When asked ‘Dr. Einstein, why is it that when the mind of man has stretched so far as to discover the structure of the atom we have been unable to devise the political means to keep the atom from destroying us?] That is simple, my friend. It is because politics is more difficult than physics.

— Albert Einstein

As we collectively decide we no longer want to experience this type of existence, we begin to attract others who have been through the same processes on their planet. Nobody is going to do anything for our planet, we have to do it for ourselves. If we will it, it will be, and as we will it we attract help from other brother and sister beings from all over the universe. This help is not doing for us, it is simply assisting us in the direction that we are currently choosing to take,  it is in service of what we will as a collective. We are willing global cooperation and oneness, and that is why you will see them continuously present their craft. It is not easy for a being, who comes from a planet in which the collective has risen it’s vibrational frequency to come to a planet that vibrates at such a low level.  On the other hand, it is easier for low vibrating beings to come in and use our free will against us by manipulating our consciousness, very clever. The beings that are doing this are the beings that make up the Illuminati we see on the planet today. These are the beings that are behind the manipulation of consciousness through the control of the experience here on earth. They need us, to survive, they need a planet that vibrates at a low level frequency to feed them, to keep them alive. As we see today, more and more people are waking up, and not accepting those that govern us. The key is not to give in to a solution, don’t be fooled by proposed solutions that are really another control of frequency lock on the planet. We don’t need anything but love, we don’t need government, we need a shift in consciousness that will allow us to better utalize our amazing technology, which is covered in secrecy.
As we change the energy of the planet, we come closer to connecting with our brothers and sisters from the stars. We have to raise this planet ourselves in order for that to happen., but we are getting assistance as well, from many. Be your complete self, be love and let your intuition guide you, let go of the fear to follow it.



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