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Last week our beautifully produced DVD’s for CE2 were picked up and began shipping to all pre-orders. The DVDs look great!

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We have the DVD for CE2 available for $14 in our store for those who are interested. We make all of our work available for free on YouTube but we sell the DVD copies for those who wish to watch on DVD and support our work. All of the money collected from sales goes towards allowing us to continue our work and expand how we can reach people.

For those interested in owning a copy of all of our work, we have set up a package deal for all 3 documentaries we have produced. The Collective Evolution, The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience and Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth. You can grab this package at a crisp price of $25 + shipping. This offers a minimum savings of $10.

We appreciate all support our viewers give us in both watching, sharing and purchasing our work. All goes towards assisting the collective overall which is why we do this work to begin with.

Much Love

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