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Over the past 70 years, a slow release of information regarding UFOs has been put out into the public domain via governments, three letter agencies and the military. Furthermore, we have witness testimonies from hundreds of high level people that include General’s, Presidents, CEO’s and top scientific and political figures.We even have some unremarkable statements from a variety of astronauts. We have also had an unbelievable amount of media coverage within the last few years and a number of individual personal encounters with craft and beings. All of this means that the human population is continuing to increase it’s level of awareness about what is really happening on our planet.  With everything that is out in the open, a lot of people are wondering what is really going on. The most important thing we have, is us. Truth is, extraterrestrial intelligence has always been around, even before the birth of humanity. It is us that will create a new earth  experience. It is us that will spread the real message, and identify the ‘illuminati’ and their desired manipulation of the human population. It is happening now, we are the ones we have been waiting for, we can provide the explanation. The real significance is that everything you need exists inside of you already. Human beings are in the process of completely letting go of all the baggage that has held them down for so long, the need and want for external attachments is no longer serving us. The recent boom of UFO information over the past 5 years has been phenomenal, and it keeps accelerating. Not only is concealed information making it’s way to the surface, the ET’s have been increasing their sighting rate, hovering all over the place in groups for people to see. The increased amount of UFO activity is directly correlated with the human populace and their understanding of reality. Our understanding is going beyond what we are taught here on the planet. The realization that we are not alone has opened humanity up to a whole new realm and understanding about the true nature of our reality, where we come from and what we are. We are no different from anyone else, on any planet, we are all energy, we are all products of the same source and we are all souls having an experience on this amazing planet. Everything on the planet is pure consciousness, all life forms are contributing to the holographic physical projection of our experience. When we are comfortable with ourselves and who we are, we emminate a love energy that is extremely powerful. A being in this state will always affect another being, in a way that best serves you and them. The importance that human beings give to things in their lives are not important at all, we tend to take things so seriously. What we we really need to do as a collective is just chill out and be at peace with what is, whilst knowing how to change what we don’t desire on the planet. To enter into a state of pure nothingness,and then acting out of that nothingness by listening to your intuition is something we are all learning how to do. We are all learning how to reach a state of inner peace, so we can change the world. As we continue to expose the financial system for what it is, as well as the medical, economical, military and educational institutions, we come closer to breaking down the limiting structures on the planet, and open ourselves up to new possibilities given our infinite potential for creation. Soon enough, our current concepts will be washed away, into non existence.  A lot of cosmic energy is making it’s way to the planet, and we are now absorbing these energies. This has been happening for a long time, and the frequency changes to our energy patters can effect us physically. ET’s are around, assisting humanity with energy work, both on the individual and collective level.Our bodies are not designed to take in this much energy, so we get it in small doses until the transition is complete. The idea that some outside force will come down and fix all of our problems is not correct, we are the ones that will fix it, we are the ones using our will to love, and assistance with that in our desired direction has been happening. So let’s keep imagining, and changing our reality by projecting what exactly we want our reality to be.Be love, be yourself, cooperate and see the tremendous amount of beauty around you. The planet needs us, she is a reflection of us, tune in, connect and send light and love with your true heart intent, this is your gift.

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Why Extraterrestrials Will Continue to Present Their Craft

Extraterrestrials will continue to present their craft as the human population continues to identify limiting structures on the planet, and begin to comprehend the solution to changing these structures. We are the ones that create these limiting structures, and give them fuel in our everyday life. We simply accept the reality we are born into, without ever questioning or asking why it is the way it is. The state of the planet is at a point where change has to happen, and change will happen no matter what. It is something coming, and it’s something that’s hitting us and will continue to hit us until everybody can see. Human beings are extremely concerned with how they look, what others think of them and what their image is in the eyes of another.We enter the workplace with an understanding of how to be, and certain ways to act.  We are concerned about our individual lives without having an understanding of what we even are, we are all facets of everyone and everything else, so why judge yourself? Why put labels on things and try to define everything. Just be you, the desire to change this reality exists within your core, your soul is telling you that it no longer wants to play with this experience, and it’s time to move on. You can do many things to quiet the mind, it is in the silence of the mind that one can listen to their heart, which is the direction we must follow. This fear mentality has prevented the human from being their complete self, having no fear of living and going with the flow. At the same time, many are breaking out of that, and have taken off their mask to show their real self. When we all present our real genuine self, we will all realise that we are all the same.  Letting go of the ego mind, and not reacting or responding with it is the key to not engage yourself with encounters that will drag you down. You are in control of every situation you are placed in, with your actions and reactions. You are the creator of your reality. Use your light, use the power of love that exists within you, it is what makes up the entire Universe, and you can use this energy to create into a space that is limitless. The entire universe, will come back to ONE, and then move on from there.



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