Vanessa Petronelli ‘Open heart, Open Mind’

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From an early age Vanessa knew that her path in life would revolve around specializing in several areas of human growth and development including “deprogramming,” from limiting belief systems, detachment from ego and self-love. She teaches Moksha Yoga, is a health/wellness and life coach to individuals and groups, she holds weekend retreats and seminar series on Vibrant Health & Wellness and she also teaches meditation.

Vanessa’s clairvoyant, mediumship and energy healing abilities, have inspired her to provide readings while offering spiritual support to individuals. In her readings, she connects with your Guides, Guardian Angels and Higher Self, to provide the necessary information that you need to help bring you clarity in your everyday life and propel you to move forward through life filled with love and divine inspiration. Especially during these turbulent times of rapid change, these sessions activate dormant energy and help you to further connect with yourself after the session is completed.

Vanessa is also trained and certified in Corporate & Community Health Promotion, Mindfulness and the Health Canada Workplace Health System. Her passion and purpose is to assist in humanity’s evolution in consciousness through the facilitation of coaching, providing readings, writing and teaching yoga.
For more information about Vanessa’s various services and location information please visit her website here:


Vanessa Petronelli
B.A, W.W.H.P. & Certified Yoga Teacher

President & Owner
Open Heart-Open Mind Health & Wellness Services

Live Your Best Life Today!
Offering Private & Group Health, Wellness and Life Coaching as well as Private & Group Yoga and Meditation Classes

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