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Have you ever asked yourself this question: “What is love?” How do you define love? Is it the perfect relationship? Is it the bond between you and your family? Is it wealth? Is it freedom? Everyone has his or her own definition of love…

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From experiences and conversation with many people, I’ve come to understand that many of us have forgotten what love really is. We often have individual definitions of what love is based on experiences that make us feel good. Things such as personal relationships, creative experiences such as music, dance, painting, etc. I agree that all of which I just touched on can be magical experiences but what if we suspended our definition of what love is for just a moment…Stop…Breathe 3 times in and out deeply and feel your essence…Clear your mind of any thoughts…Now, I want you to look at experiences that would define and represent your idea of what love is. Now, suspend your beliefs. Take away the stories of how you define those same experiences. What is left? What do you see? Are they good? Are they bad? Are they simply an experience that doesn’t need to be defined…?

My purpose for writing this is to get you to question the reality that you are creating. I want you to look beyond the world that you have created within your mind to try to see outside of it even if it’s for just a moment. That moment will plant a seed in your mind and spark a shift in consciousness.

When we define things, even things that we see as special experiences, it limits us. It limits us because we separate these experiences from other experiences that we have and it creates categorizations and judgement. We program ourselves within our memory and attach to these memories what we experienced, most often being emotional attachment.  It is the judgement and emotional attachment that creates suffering. When we do not have enough of what we call “love” we feel empty. We feel empty because we have not yet recognized that through attaching to external means we will never find peace. Peace comes through an awareness within. The awareness that you are whole and that you ARE love. In truth and in knowing that you are love you can understand that love is everything. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. It’s all part of an experience that not only are we having here, an experience that we have created, together. This is not a belief that I am trying to impose on anyone, this is simply what exists outside of stories within the mind, beyond all veils, beyond all beliefs. It is a knowing and a feeling that you cannot deny. When you fully embody your true self and embrace your soul essence, judgement does not exist. Categorization does not exist. Need or greed does not exist. Expectation does not exist. Separation does not exist. You see oneness and the connection of all life. You see that you are a creator and that the world and all experiences are your creation. When I say “your” I truly mean OUR creation. Through this oneness we are but one soul. One energy. One light. There is no separation, no boundaries and absolutely no limits.

The next time you experience something, make a point of remembering that you are the observer. Observe how you feel and how you act from a neutral perspective without judgement. This is the real you. The creator, creating and observing your creation. Observe what definition or stories you have taken on and see how it limits you. Do you feel love for one thing but not another? Do you feel emotional about something but closed off to something else? See how you have created an entire world, a dream world, that has so many colourful definitions and judgements and emotions. It’s been a beautiful ride but it’s time to wipe the slate clean. It’s time to rid ourselves of all illusion that has imprisoned us from fully being ourselves. It’s time to come together and work towards a beautiful future where life on this planet can flourish through the power of our imagination. The world and everything in it is not just “how it is”. It is how we define it, how we feel about it, how we see it through our eyes. The key to understand here is that how we define it, how we feel about it and how we see it through our eyes is how we feel about and see ourselves. The world is a projection of our inner self. Be the love that you are, the love without limits, without separation, without fear, without judgement, etc. and the world will reflect that unconditional love again. The separation, the fear, the war, the chaos is all a reflection of us. It’s the separation from our higher self, it’s the fear of our minds and it is the ego at war with our inner love and peace because it was built to protect us from such truth. But we all know the one universal truth…What is Love? EVERYTHING.

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