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Many may recognize this symbol from a number of different places. In many ancient cultures, the snakes depicted were meant to be laying down at the base of the spine unawakened, unconscious. Today, we are experiencing this force within us awaken, it’s awakening to our intuition, to something else speaking to us that can easily be separated from the mind, some call it the soul, others just know another part of them speaks to themselves, and it’s not their mind. This is the voice that’s been driving people to question the current reality they live in. The two snakes symbolize two opposite forces (duality), as activation occurs we can go outside of our known physical realm into a realm of non duality, break free from our current experience into one of  pure love, all the way up into pure consciousness. All living beings and organisms share this connection to the universe, it’s ingrained in all of our DNA.  Once we reach outside of the experience we previously chose, we can take off, exit this reality and choose another. As we continue to follow our intuition, the necessary experiences will present themselves in order for our soul to grow, in order for us to follow ourselves and do what we please. To figure out what exactly that is, we have to first detach, let go and enter into the flow. From the flow, you will be in a situation that best serves you. Judgement about our circumstances is not needed, but rather an understanding of why the circumstances in our lives play out the way they do, it’s all simply for growth, learning and for you to change things in your world that you wish to not experience anymore. Listen to your intuition, it’s the real you. Letting go of all the gasoline that existed within you, allows you to go and play with the matches, helping them loose their need to spark in the process.

“One of the most intriguing aspects of their being one dimension stacked on another, is that down here in the dimensions below we can be unaware of our motions in the dimensions above. For example, if you take a Möbius strip and draw a line down  the length of it, our line will eventually be on both sides of the paper before it leads back with itself” Forward to 3:53

To me, the Möbius strip pattern signifies us traveling this road of duality, eventually meeting ourselves at the other side, thus becoming one with yourself, no more separation of the intuition/soul/mind, but a merging into one, together. Once we become one with ourselves, we begin to change the planetary experience we see today.  As for the Chakra’s you see, they are portals that exist in your body that are in the process of activation, they are your connection to all that is. The snakes are also believed to represent a more Feminine energy, as our experience here has been more so dominated by a male one. Love is starting to activate that which we cannot see, but feel. Our collective energy patterns are known about, and can be observed, let’s keep up the good work.



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