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Just be. Just be. Just be. Be in the moment. Be yourself. We hear about it. We say it. But do we truly know what it means? Does it mean being while having an agenda in the mind? Does it mean being, while having something to prove to others? Does it mean being, while giving up a part of ourselves, or seeking the approval of others? Or maybe it means being while worrying about everyone else’s beingness? It can take a while, (and I say this from experience) but in the end, you realize that it means exactly what the word conveys: BEing. It just means being. Ask yourself: What are the reasons I do not let myself fully BE who I am, with no facade over my heart? This question will most likely highlight all the fears you hold onto. 🙂 And then, you can let go of them. Trust me, it’s worth it. Allowing yourself to just BE who you truly are is the most precious gift you could give to yourself and the world.

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