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On 11/11/11 we held an awesome meditation at Alternative Thinking in Toronto. The venue and staff were awesome and we would like to mention that anyone looking for a cool space to offer service and hold events for free this place is great.

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There was about 20 or so people that gathered to take part in the meditation. It was lead by Franco DeNicola. All together we combined went through a process of activation as well and purging and clearing all that was ready to be released for each individual. From there we all tuned into and activated oneness consciousness within ourselves.

This meditation was a very powerful purge and clear with very powerful activations. We are offering the recorded MP3 file of the meditation for all who wish to download it and use for their own meditations. The process of activations and clearing can be done with the file as intention for it to be as powerful and effective during replays was imprinted into it.

We look forward to further meditations with everyone and encourage others to check out and join our meet up group where you can find out more about upcoming events.


We hope you enjoy!

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Much Love

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