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Hey beautiful souls! As I sat downtown Toronto today at Second Cup drinking a great hot apple cider drink with a cinnamon stick in it, I was thinking about creative ways in how we could share our message to assist people in reaching a state of clarity and inner peace. I see all the time that people love to read quotes as they leave an effective impact because they are short, sweet and simple to remember. I decided to compile a list of “quotes” as you could call them that people can use in their everyday lives to help remember these knowings in order to assist us in maintaining clarity and inner peace along our journey. This is a knowing that we all hold at the soul level and we all have the ability to access these knowings through reconnecting with our higher self. I find that simple reminders can be highly effective at times, especially when we get wrapped up in stories. A little nudge to stay on track with clarity can go a long way!

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These are what presented to me right now and I already know there is much more to add. I will add more as they present. Feel free to use and share these knowings in any way possible. Post them, stick them, whisper them, shout them, write them on your mirror, whatever you feel guided to do! Enjoy 🙂

“This is just a game and we don’t need to take things so seriously. Life here is a temporary ride and there is so much more out there to experience beyond this realm. We chose to be here at this time for the amazing experience that it is. Enjoy each moment!”

“You are the creator, creating every experience in your life and observing these created experiences.”

“We are here for soul growth. We are walking the path to enlightenment and all experiences are here to serve us to reach that state.”

“All things are connected in love and light. All is One. How does this knowing affect our choices and actions?”

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“Our natural state is peace, we are light beings of infinite potentiality and the true us is unconditionally loving. All fear and ideas of separation are not us.”

“There are no coincidences. There are no victims. These are illusions, man-made concepts. All experiences are created by us and agreed upon at the soul level to co-create experiences with other souls to serve us in our growth.”

“There is no good or bad. There is no right or wrong. These are illusions, man-made concepts. In truth, everything is just an experience.”

“We only have the power to change ourselves. We can share our knowing and light with others to assist them when guided to do so. We have to let go of trying to control others and be at peace with their experiences and where they are at consciously.”

“There are no limitations to reality. The only limits that exist are the ones we create.”


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