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Have you ever had an experience where it seemed to be quite an emotional trigger and the mind got engaged and put labels and categorizations on the experience such as “crazy”, “messed up” and even “fucked”, etc.? I feel this is a large part of how we perceive and react to many situations or even coming across things that we do not truly understand. This misunderstanding comes from a level of disconnection where we are still engaged within the mind and not truly seeing things for what they are. Now, there is nothing wrong with playing with emotions and what not, it’s just about being aware of why you are feeling or reacting in this way and knowing that you are clouding your perception of truth, by slapping labels and categorizations on experiences.
To further exemplify my point, you could take an experience with what we call a ghost. Due to the nature of our programming since a very young age, we are taught that ghosts are things to be scared of. Most often if someone were to encounter a so-called “supernatural experience” such as seeing a ghost, we automatically react through triggered emotional programming of fear. This in turn forces us to label things automatically without truly understanding what it is that we are experiencing. I could even give an example of something that happens in a dream. If something “crazy” or “wild” happens in a dream, because it is not the norm of “reality” within our daily lives, we again label the experience and may miss out on the message that the dream is giving us.

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The inspiration of this article is that I wanted to assist in bringing people to the present moment of each experience so that we can see things for what they are, beyond emotion and fear. To go beyond the programming of the mind and experience moment to moment, as the observer of the experience at hand. This allows for our clarity to open up to understand the lesson of the moment. I also want to emphasize that the understanding comes from the soul. It is a very subtle and peaceful knowing without any doubt, sense of mystery, fear or anything else that brings out emotion. True clarity is always neutral and peaceful no matter the experience. This is when we are fully engaged in the moment, not wrapped up in the moment, observing what is taking place.

Next time you have an experience like a dream, a “supernatural experience” or even something much simpler throughout the day, observe how you see and feel about it and whether or not you are judging or labeling the experience, or just simply in the moment and seeing it for what it is. From my personal experience, I guarantee you that it can make for a much more peaceful and pleasant experience being in the moment rather than of the moment.


In seeing you as you truly are, you are me, we are one. You are beautiful! Much love 🙂


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