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Man’s biggest longing, without a doubt, is to find peace within one’s life. There is not one soul on this planet right now that cannot honestly say that they do not wish to have peace within their own life. You can see it “written on people’s faces” everywhere you go. If you are empathetic, you can see and feel the emotion and fear emanating from people no matter where you are in the world.

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If you take a step back from your every day hustle and bustle, and truly look at what is happening in the world, you can see the chaotic state of our current reality due to the massive change that is taking place. So much confusion, turmoil, segregation, suffering and of course it all boils down to the big “rat race” of life where the chase for capitalism and money rules what we believe to be power on this planet and the basic struggle for survival that leaves us enslaved at every turn. Not only are we enslaved through thinking that we have to live in a survival based reality, many of us have gotten to a point where we will defend this state of survival because we fear we are nothing without it. We have given it so much power that we think we ARE this power and cannot see beyond the fact that it is one big illusion of fear. Smoke and mirrors so to speak.

If you pay attention to others lives, or even your own, you may come to see that things are very repetitive. You repeat the same things, continuing a cycle of living an illusion. Searching for peace through everything external. We take meds to “heal us”. We get an education only to feel worthy enough to the point where you can BEGIN a life of chasing so-called “financial and social success” that isn’t guaranteed whatsoever.  We give so much power to money that we have created a reality where we depend on it for survival. We go to churches and pray to a deity that judges us and that we give all responsibility in our lives to, thinking that if we just trust and do what this deity says, all of what we have done “wrong” will be washed away and we will be lifted into “heaven”. We give power to and distract ourselves with technically advanced toys and television and other forms of entertainment. We allow the media to dictate the wrongs and rights of society and what we perceive to be truth. We have bought into thinking that we needs laws and that we need to protect ourselves and always be in fear of something out to get us. And yet, through all of this, very few of us are truly at peace. We still think we need things to feel whole. We judge. We fear. We see separation. We are caught up in the survival mentality and it makes it so difficult for us to see outside of the individual worlds that we have created. We’ve enclosed our vision into a little perceptional box of what we think reality is and the purpose of life on this planet. Is it really about obtaining material things to bring us peace? Is it about obtaining as much money as we can to live in freedom? Is it about consuming chemical drugs and altering our physical bodies to feel vibrant and alive? Is it about living in fear to feel safe? Is it about separating ourselves to feel powerful? Is it about putting responsibility on something outside of us to control our lives? Is it about allowing someone to dictate to us as to what truth is?

I could go on but I think you get the point…Our world is completely backwards. All of what I’ve mentioned is suppressing the very nature of who we are as souls. Our message that we share through Collective Evolution is to help people to see by providing clarity that had presented through our own experiences and through our own journey. We have to come these realizations by raising our consciousness and can see beyond many of the external structures of society as well as the internal structures of the ego mind that has left us enslaved to a reality that is so limiting that mankind, at the soul level, has chosen to move forward and awaken.

Souls are awakening all across the globe and it is up to us to make the choice to be a part of the solution. What is the solution? It’s about changing ourselves. It’s about making the choice to observe your life, to want understand yourself, to want to change and to have the intention of finding out the truth. Let truth and enlightenment be your purpose for life and you will uncover it. We are creators and have the power to create what we wish. The key is raising awareness. As your awareness changes, your life changes. You start to realize that everything you’ve ever needed to find peace is within you and always been right infront of you, giving you the exact experience you need in order to grow and move forward. You realize that it’s not about changing your external world, it’s about removing the barriers, the veils and illusions that have led you on your journey blinded from seeing and feeling the real you and the truth as to what is unfolding. You start to see and feel things you couldn’t before and life starts to make a lot more sense. It becomes a much lighter dance and you can see and feel the perfection in all that is!

The world doesn’t have to be like this, you don’t have to feel the way you do. You can change, we all can change. It comes down to choice and uniting and coming together to work towards centering every one on the planet to be in a state of balance and peace.

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From here, the choice is up to us in how we move forward. I love you with all my heart!



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