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After a compelling experience I am going through of opening up clarity and understanding about myself, I felt I wanted to share something with all souls who are drawn to this article and message.

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With the shift in consciousness that we are enduring, things can seem a bit scary and confusing at times. For those of you who are going through physical changes and are becoming more aware of the body and stepping into an observer perspective, know that everything is perfect and there is nothing to fear, ever. It is only the mind that tries to fire up programs like judgement and stories of confusion. The mind judges what is taking place in the body because for one, it may not understand what is going on, so it tries to come up with something in order to define what is taking place. The ego operates off of analytical definition and creates a story for everything. It likes to define everything to understand things, although that definition may not actually describe the truth as to what it sees. From this you can see that the ego’s consciousness is limited. Secondly, it has been a tool for us and was built for protection. This protection mechanism is an automatic response that triggers when something foreign comes into the ego’s programmed reality, put simply, when new information is learned. New higher energies (that the ego cannot operate from, which in turn seems like a death threat) will definitely spark that trigger if you do not have the clarity of what is taking place within the body. On a side note, in regards to the death threat, there really is no death. We cannot ever die. Death that we know is just a transition state. We are infinite energy!

From personal experience, I have had instances where I would say that I didn’t feel human and I know many others can relate to this. I felt like an alien from another planet that was different and disconnected from humanity. This story can lead to suffering through depression, misunderstanding and all sorts of colourful emotions that come along with that. In truth, there is no separation. The thought of separation is a mind game that the ego plays out because it thrives off of the energy of separation. In oneness and connectedness, it will not exist. The last thing the ego wants is to cease to exist.

The point that I wish to get across is that with everything you are going through, no matter how intense or alone you may feel, know that the changes within you are bringing you back to an absolutely beautiful state and that this is just a ride. How we experience the ride is in how we choose to perceive what is unfolding before us. It’s not that you don’t feel human, you are returning to our original human design! The human experience that we are having today is not how we originally had designed the human experience. The current experience we are having is one of massive disconnection, separation and fear and shifting from that to a state of oneness consciousness.  Remember that through this shift that we are experiencing we always have the ability to tune into our higher self by quieting the mind, if you need to close your eyes and go somewhere quiet to do so, breathe deeply and softly and let the answer or clarity you are looking for to present. It really is that simple. The more stories you dissolve, the easier this will become. It takes practice. If you need assistance, myself and we here at Collective Evolution are more than willing to help you out, please do not hesitate to ask!

All in all, it is amazing to be able to rise above the collective “norms” so to speak to be able to see and feel through a higher dimensional reality. Awareness is what we are so why be afraid to be aware? That fear once again is not you. The real you is right here, right now, reading each letter of this article and decoding these alphanumerical sequences (words) into information through the brain computer…Are you the computer and the thoughts that are coming up from reading? Nope…You are the observer of the computer and the thoughts…Isn’t it amazing? And to think we thought this was all “real”…Remember that we don’t need to take things so seriously! I love you and wrap your heart in love and light!


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