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Throughout history, mankind has always been searching for answers. Many have had the urge to find answers and question what the masses perceive as reality. This has always been frowned upon as those who claim to know ‘what is’ have always been in a position of power. Humanity has seen many of these individuals come and go. This article will take a few examples throughout our human history to illustrate how fierce opposition existed then, and show a few examples of how it still exists today.

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Socrates spent the majority of his time questioning the true nature of reality. He travelled in search of those who claimed to be knowledgeable of how things are and should be. His confrontations with other individuals usually resulted in their agitation, as he would constantly question and expose limitations of one’s way of thinking. Socrates was open about his dislike for government, and was eventually accused of “corrupting the youth” and failing to “acknowledge gods of a higher power that govern us.” The elite families that were responsible for the rules of Athenian society at the time did not like his ways, and sentenced him to death in 399 BC. Given his charges, it’s easy to see that those who called the shots really pushed ‘gods that govern’ into the minds of society and didn’t like their youth to question ‘how things are.’ Putting Socrates to death was an easy solution to protect the reputation and credibility of the power structure. It was a victory for the power structure to ingrain the youth from birth with their own belief systems, controlling all information and designing the structure of how society and it’s occupants (us) should be. Have things really changed today? Different points in human history illustrate that we develop a specific ‘way to be’ whilst we live our lives. If one doesn’t follow that way to be, it was punishable by death. When Socrates was alive, the collective consciousness wasn’t like it is today, where hundreds of millions if not billions are starting to question what is really happening on our planet. Over the last few thousand years, we have become robotic in our nature. We have now entered into the time of greater understanding simply because we are finally starting to ask questions within ourselves. We’re no longer condemned to do so, but with the amount of distraction put in place individuals don’t bother to question anymore which has allowed for manipulation of humanity to continue. We are too concerned with what we want, and what we think we need.  Socrates isn’t the only one, many other individuals over history that have been labelled by others as some type of gift to humanity have faced violent opposition by those in power. The power structure over time did not change it’s bloodlines, it just changes it’s form. From the King’s and families that ruled ancient greece under the gods, to the Church power structure at the time of, before and after the Scientific revolution to the (Military Industrial Complex/click within brackets for links) that exists today. It’s no surprise that president Eisenhower coined this term, and it’s no surprise that JFK said some of the things he did, replacing Eisenhower.

“The very word secrecy is repugnant, in a free and open society. And we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed too secret societies, to secret oaths, and too secret proceedings. We decided long ago, that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far out weigh the dangers that are sited to justify it. Even today, there is little value of opposing the threat of a closed society, by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation, if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger, that an announced need for greater security, will be ceased upon by those anxious to expand it’s meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment” – JFK (JFK Speech)

Galileo was a 15th/16th century scientist who was responsible for the advancement of science and scientific discoveries. His discoveries threatened the established truth that had laid as the foundation for hundreds of years. At the time, his work was condemned and banned by the church. All of his works were sought after, locked up or destroyed. Even today, much remains in the Vatican library that is not available to the citizenry of the world. The resentment of new information by beings atop the control structure was nothing new. Fear is the energy they choose to play with, and it’s what has fueled their existence on this planet. Humanity fearing for their survival, and how they will get by in their life is what promotes them to power both then and now. Even years after Socrates, individuals who questioned the status quo were condemned, just when they were starting to develop their ideas in the physical form. The scientific revolution was expanding the understanding of the universe and changing the thought patterns of many, especially with the development of the printing press. The Illuminati power structure gained control over the industrial revolution and the science behind it, they took what the collective consciousness was waking up to and used it to create another system of manipulation and control. If information reaches the masses, and is known, the Illuminati have no choice but to grab the topic and try and tell us the real meaning behind it. This is illustrated today by the way mainstream media has grabbed a hold of the UFO topic. With the consciousness of the planet rising, most of us are starting to realize that we are not alone anymore, as a result, the topic has been grabbed by mainstream media outlets. Here are a few links that have surfaced over the past  two years: (CBC news clip CNN news clip MSNBC news clip More mass mainstream videos and articles)

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(US government documents that take UFOs seriously ) (highly recommend)

Our mainstream media have always taken events all over the world and twisted them greatly. “The press is saying what they are told to say” – Albert Stubblebine, Retired Major General, former head of US military intelligence when asked about 9/11. We have quite a planet, and many people going through many different experiences. We’ve been convinced that war and conflict are necessary for us to move forward. Terrorism and global conflict have been created purposefully as an excuse to go overseas for different reasons and fulfil a new world order agenda. More has been used to try and manipulate our perception. The money that goes into the US department of defence is in the trillions, and trillions of dollars are always unaccounted for (Mission Trillions  /Missing Trillions).

“No other agency or branch of government can overrule actions that we take “- Alan Greenspan, former chair of the Federal Reserve

A large amount of activity in our skies has led to a mainstream admittance of UFOs, but who can speak of the real significance regarding life on other planets? We can, the awakened generation, the indigo’s, star seeds and contactees, the ones that search for inner peace so they can make the greatest impact they can make for the planet and it’s people. We are the ones that cary the necessary information and the power of love, all of us do. All information necessary is accessible within us, it is build into our DNA which is in the process of changing.  It’s 2011, so much information has surfaced, the next step is contact which has been happening with humanity for millions of years, speeding up slowly and ever increasing as the years roll by. For now, we need to focus our attention on us, our lives and the energy that we give off everyday. The real significance of the extraterrestrial reality is that we must change whats within in order to change the experience of the planet. So be yourself, be the love and light that you are. Many different types of beings from many different types of planets exist, some that have a deep connection to this planet and it’s people and some that don’t. Some don’t have our best interest at hand and they have been involved with our manipulation, others are around to watch us break out of our chains and discover who and what we really are, them. Just souls having a human experience.

“There’s got to be another way to generate energy and pull it out of the vacuum and the fact that they are here shows that it’s possible” – Jack Kasher, Ph.D. Prof Emeritus of Physics, University of Nebraska ( Thrive documentary 11 11 11)

Today, the topic of UFOs is very much alive as it has always been. Not only does confirming their existence threaten the entire energy industry, it changes our understanding about all subjects we label under education. Mainstream media has presented the topic, and dozens of governments have released their UFO files that provide a description of these objects and their approximate speed and maneuvers. The files indicate that these objects are tracked on military radar and on numerous occasions jets are scrambled to get a good look.  Files recently released by the United Kingdom provide a detailed account of craft and different types of extraterrestrial beings that have been seen by a number of individuals (UK 2011 UFO Files). The question to ask is, why would dozens of governments, the CIA, NSA and FBI all admit to having an interest in these encounters for over 60 years? What makes them take it so seriously and what have they found out? The same control structure exists today only it has changed form and has branched out into a number of different agencies and organizations all over the planet. Although many modern day examples exist  to show the suppression of the UFO phenomenon, with all of the information now available in the public domain it is really undeniable. So why treat Gary Mckinnon as a criminal? Yes he was able to look at major defence computer systems, but who is to blame him. He is a truth seeker who was seeking suppressed information that humanity has the right to know about. Any organization or agency suppressing information from the public domain does not have our best interests at hand. They will simply create false flag events to take actions that we are tricked into believing are in our best interest.

Like Socrates and Galileo , Gary Mckinnon is a modern day example of how the power structure is still making a tremendous effort to hide the reality behind UFOs and extraterrestrial beings operating them. Here is clip of president Obama and UK prime minister Cameron addressing the issue (Obama and Cameron). Here are some more mainstream media clips that began to surface more than eight years after his crime, only because humanity is waking up to the fact that we are not alone (BBC news article CBC News clip). Garry hacked into the Pentagon and acquired information that is highly sensitive to the power structure. He found lists of ‘off world officers’ and ‘fleet to fleet transfers of material’. Here is a link to his full interview conducted in 2006, before he was even known about (Gary Mckinnon interview) conducted by (Project Camelot)

Awareness of the ‘people’ under the cover of three letter agencies, private companies, and multinational corporations is understood by looking at who controls the global monetary supply. The reason for the actions of these entities is not only greed because money is unlimited to them. They have the power to do what they like, print more, change the system or do whatever they want. An unlimited access to money is not the goal, controlling the human species is. Manipulation of politicians and  implementing a slave like system of operations conducted using the human species has happened. Our role is to be aware, keep a very open mind to the possibility that life has not been what you’ve been told, it’s actually more beautiful! We create our reality, put out your hearts intent using your imagination for the reality you wish to see. Be it, live it.

Much Love


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