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Sit for a moment in silence, and explore the possibility that everything you experienced, your thoughts, your attachments, your expectations, your emotions, and even your own body, is NOT who you truly are. Sit for a moment in silence, and realize that who you truly are just might be the silent awareness you are sitting in. An awareness that is much vaster, wiser, and more expansive than the narrow definitions you thought you were.

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“When you are willing to stop looking for something in thought, you find everything in silence.” – Gangaji

Listen to this silence, breathe in its stillness. And you will hear yourself. Not the noise of your mind, but the calm and peaceful presence in the background. The one that has no interest in gathering possessions, putting up a face, gaining the approval and love of others, or feeling “safe”. The one that knows it is already safe and whole in its essence of oneness. The one that knows Love is all there is, while everything else is simply a passing thought or self-manifestation to experience and learn from. This knowing, rests nowhere else but within. This Love, is who you truly are.

“When your sense of self is no longer tied to thought, is no longer conceptualthere is a depth of feeling, of sensing, of compassion, of loving, that was not there when you were trapped in mental concepts. You are that depth.” – Eckhart Tolle



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