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The Great Question
As I write this there is a clear feeling across the planet that something is happening. No matter how look at it, from every angle, things seem to be very unsettled and you can feel the something very big is about to happen. Whether you see it from a revolutionary side, a political side, financial side or spiritual side, all can agree the world will not be the same in the next few years. And we are not talking about small scale change here, we are talking about our world being very different from anything we have experienced.

As you read the above paragraph, chances are you can very easily relate to what was being said. You probably even fit into one of the examples given above in terms of what type of change you feel is upon us. This is because this change isn’t going to affect one country of the world, or even one continent. This change is going to affect everyone and this is why everyone can feel it.

There have been revolutions in the past, large scale change in the past and they have lead to creating some big changes in the world. But things are very different now it seems. People seem to be a little more aware, a little more awake to what is being pulled over their eyes and they are starting to feel that whatever is happening here in terms of how our system works, it has to stop.

Currently we live in a world that is built on a foundation where our very survival is threatened by the systems and structures in place. We seem to have lost contact with what our actions are doing to our planet and how they are affecting our ability to live on the planet. If you look at the resources we use, sure they provide a service for us, but at what cost? It’s no secret that the use of fossil fuels is destroying our planet and atmosphere. You may ask the question, if not fossil fuels, what will we do? The answer is simply, use clean available energy. The only reason why these technologies are not readily available (which we will get into more soon) is because of the next big block in our path –money. Sure we can say that money buys us the things we need to survive, it allows people to have a house, go on vacation, share gifts with one another etc. But when you look at it, who said we need money for any of those things to begin with? Why do they cost money? And how did we arrive at those costs?

In our current world we are more concerned with making and having money than we are with living. Why do I say this? Because we are destroying our planet to make more money. We are destroying our habitat to a point where we will no longer be able to survive just so we can make more money. And I can tell you, we are a matter of a few short years away from completely destroying our planet to a point where we cannot live on it any longer. Now I’m not writing this to bring up fear or make everyone think and operate in panic because we are going to destroy our planet at the hands of little pieces of paper. Nor am I trying to make anyone angry or judgmental towards the system currently in place. This is just information being put together to allow us to observe -which I’m sure many already have in regards to our system.

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No matter what facet of our world we look into, whether it be the media, entertainment, education, resources, business, sports, the economy or environmental issues, there is a common trend that is evidently clear when you take a step back and look at how it operates. They all play into one another, they all rely on each other and they all create a tiny little box of experience that we feed into says: this is the cycle we must repeat because this is what it means to be a human on the planet. We can also benefit from asking the questions, did we really let it get this far? Were we really that un-aware of what we were doing that we lead ourselves to a point where we are about to destroy ourselves? Is our system really a result of something that was naturally created by us?

Going back to what is currently happening on the planet, this apparent great change or revolution we are all feeling or beginning to see. Why is it happening? What will it lead to? Is there a “solution” to our current world? The answer is… yes. But that of course depends how you look at it and depends on what you see as where we need to be. My intention is to bring an understanding to hose who read this that there is a solution that looks like something we have never ever seen before on this planet. A solution that is so simple, so readily available that implementation would only take a matter of weeks. This may sound impossible, may sound crazy and there is even a small chance that you don’t think our world needs to change at all. But in any case, we are already in it, and we have the chance to create something harmonious, free and unlimited for everyone.

So I ask, if not now, when?

(more to come)

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