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Among others, the Attawapiskat (see in later part of the article) reserve in Northern Ontario has declared a state of emergency, recognizing the need for change and getting the attention that they have deserved for years. New discoveries and findings continue to threaten old understandings and teachings that were once believed to be true. A large portion of humanity is aware of many significant events that have occurred in our recent history that point to a shady government and the corporations behind them. As the years pass humanity continues to understand it’s history, and information continues to present itself for us to wake up and start making great change. Today, the entire planet has been altered from globalization. Furthermore, news broadcasting stations spend all of their efforts focusing on dense experiences that some souls are having on the planet. Of course many people on the planet are having experiences that vary in condition, from what humanity has characterized as the ‘undeveloped’ world to the ‘developed’ one. From it’s somewhat known landscapes and natural phenomenon, Earth always has been beautiful and still is. Industrialization has taken Earth away from her most natural state, which was and still is an untouched and undisturbed one. The desires of humanity can be met with new ideas and technology that can provide clean water, food and shelter. When a human being decides to change their life and comes from a place of acceptance and understanding, we come closer to manifesting a better world for everybody.

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“No problems can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein

“The government is deaf and silent when it comes to the asks of First Nations communities” – Chief Angus Toulouse

More and more leaders from different communities are starting to raise their voice and putting more of an effort in for it to be heard. What happens in life presents itself for you to grow. The experiences that many are having and have been through are ones they don’t want to have anymore.You are not a victim of your experiences, you are the  learner of them and that’s what needs to be focused on. The federal department responsible for First Nations does not have the peoples best interest at hand. Mining corporations do not care for the people, they care for their immoral business. Do you use whatever has presented itself in your life to help you grow and create change? Can you see life through a new set of eyes or do you choose not too? Our world is currently enforced by rules that make us think we have no chance for growth and betterment. Instead, human beings are trained to focus on punishment rather than acceptance and understanding. Without acceptance and understanding of another, we cannot lift ourselves into new experiences and a better life for the people. If you could see into the heart of every human being, you would see the light in all of them, no matter what their life experience has been. Humans actions don’t always represent this light, but recognition that this light exists within everyone is what is needed. From the ones society has labelled the worst to the ones society labeled the best, we are all the same. It is these labels that are completely useless and counter productive. Each is a unique individual that brings something to the entire earth experience. What is really bothersome is that humanity can still have food, heat and clean water for free. We have the ability to power the entire planet as well as clean it up and restore it. If humanity collectively decides to take that direction, it can be done.  In order to get there we must acknowledge what has been happening on our planet for many years so we can figure out how to change it. To change it, humanity has to shift it’s awareness of itself and recognize itself as something greater than what it (humanity) thinks it is.

Every continent has it’s remaining natural landscapes, but they are slowly deteriorating due to mining, oil, military and other operations. These operations are conducted away from the knowing of the mainstream population. The desire for change is upon the planet and it’s people are upon us, and many are starting to raise their voices because they no longer want to experience what they are experiencing, they have a desire for change.

Mine in Northern Ontario

But what happens when people start bringing up important obvious information? Fierce opposition:

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“It’s not the first time Kitchenuhmaykoosib has attempted to stop mining activity. Leaders from the community were sent to jail in 2008 for opposing mining development on land now covered by the new watershed declaration”


Recently the Canadian Broadcasting Network (CBC) has jumped on the story of conditions in Northern Ontario, Canada ( As expected, mainstream news does not really address what the  problem is. The conditions on the reserve are not the fault of it’s people, it is the result of multinational corporations and failed understanding by the Canadian government about the First Nations people, who they are and what they represent. It is not the voice of the government and news broadcasting stations that need to be heard, it’s the voice of the First Nations people themselves. They know what is best for them, having government officials and outside agencies come in for greed and manipulation needs to be stopped.

Taking advantage of the land to fuel necessary industries is considered more important than the lives of the First Nations people by the elite. This is no surprise, not only have First Nations in North America experienced this, it’s a world-wide phenomenon. India, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia have experienced the same. Communities are dying, individuals are sick and not given the right attention that is needed. Health conditions on many of the reserves is because of government regulations and the mining companies in operation. These are contributing to a lack of living standards being met, creating a tough environment for individuals to work in.  Most water purification is useless, and the toxic chemicals purposefully dumped by the mining companies into the water supply is creating problems for families and the children being born. A uniting of first nations within their communities and with others communities is necessary to move forward and be heard. To spread the message, to recognize the potential and possibility, to not interfere with but rather help with the desired direction of these communities.

Northern Ontario has much untouched land, it is crucial for people to come together in order to preserve it. Here is a clip of Alice Martin, a Canadian First Nations Elder (

“First Nations need to come together and speak about common issues they have, and a lot of it has to do with government policy – Chief Angus Toulouse

As humanity continue to grow and learns to come together for a common direction, we can create great change if all individuals work as one. The power of love and togetherness is unstoppable. 🙂 Much Love

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