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Before choosing to judge emotions, thoughts or challenges that seem overwhelming, it is helpful to remember that they are not who you truly are. They are experiences you are HAVING. Just like the body and mind is a vessel you HAVE. The soul, however, is who and what you ARE.

“What you are is that which notices what you are not.” – Michael Jeffreys

The beautiful soul that you are has made the decision to come on earth and experience a part of its evolutionary journey in a wonderful human body, giving itself the opportunity to evolve with a capacity for emotion that our mind has been taught to define, judge, fight against, and imprison within ourselves.

Yet emotions are like waves that will keep adding pressure on every barrier that we that we hold onto -whether it is a barrier built to prevent them from coming in, or prevent them from being released. It is okay to experience ourselves with those barriers for as long as we choose to keep them in place, but in the end, what for? What is the lesson to be learned? What would happen if we removed all barriers, and allowed the waves to simply pass through without all the judgment, the fear and the resistance? Could the water build up anywhere, hence creating pressure and discomfort in ourselves?

‎”When you realize that suffering and discomfort are the call to inquiry, you may actually begin to look forward to uncomfortable feelings. You may even experience them as friends coming to show you what you have not yet investigated thoroughly enough.” – Byron Katie

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The truth is, the moment that barriers are dissolved, the built up water is released… and after a while, the ocean becomes still again. And it is in this stillness, exempt from all facades and self-judgment, that the peaceful light and wisdom of who we truly are shines through. The key is to take a leap of faith and allow both of our doors open -the one that allows emotions in, and the one that lets emotion go. In allowing yourself to breathe in this detached, open and natural state, you can observe your emotions flow through you, and even choose if you are going to ride the wave or not.

But the bottom line is, you will notice that in keeping an open heart, it cannot be cracked, broken, or destroyed. The only thing that can be, are the barriers and definitions that you thought you were.

“Be totally vulnerable and realize that YOU cannot be harmed.” – Bentinho Massaro

Remember, the experiences you are having are a part of your beautiful learning journey. There is a lesson of unconditional love in absolutely everything. There is never a mistake to judge or an emotion to fight against. You are simply here to rediscover who you truly are by noticing what you are not. Here’s a hint: you are not your past, you are not your experiences, you are not a victim of your experiences, nor are you your judgment of them.

You are the wisdom that is learned from them.

“Individuals who are at war with themselves will project a collective reality based on judgment, destruction, fear, and separation. Individuals who are at peace with themselves will project a collective reality based on acceptance, creation, love and unity.”




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