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Many are quick to judge those that do not fit with their idea of what is “moral” or what society deems as correct.

I look around and see misconceptions of our true spirit, clothed in these labels society places upon them.

Those that lack compassion, do not see “what its like” to live the world through their windows of their soul, their eyes. Compassion, without pity is essential to connect with one another.

Judging others based on your own experience creates waves in relationships with one another. Your experience is unique to you and not a model on how others ‘should’ behave.

When you project your experience on others, you do not allow them the voice of their own. When you choke their opinions with your insistence that you are correct, this does not come from a place of love, it comes from ego. It comes from attachment to personal experience, not from the others presence in the present moment. Allow the other the fluidity of just being. Allow their authentic self to emerge from the waters, being true to their own experiences. There are no right and wrongs… only being.

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The sense of apathy or judgement is what keeps us separated. To reconnect, know what it is like to walk a mile in their shoes, so we can transcend this matrix and learn to fly as one.

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