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Hey Everynoe, I did an interview with Dr. Joe Marshalla because I wanted to hear his story, his journey and share it with others as us all sharing our stories can assist one another greatly. Dr. Marshalla has just released some new written pieces as well and I thought it would be nice to hear his inspiration behind them as well as make note that they are now available through his website. Check out the interview below, its a great story!

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~~ Joe Martino: Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you venture into the work you are doing now?

~~ Dr. Marshalla: At the age of 13, I was hit by a car and had a profound out of body experience. It wasn’t until years later when I was in college that I found people and writings that began to somewhat explain what had happened. Yet, none of what I had found truly represented all that I had experienced.

So, I set out on an investigation to attempt to understand my experience further. That led me to reading every philosophy, every religious doctrine, every metaphysical book, alternative writing and every scientific document I could find about life.

As a result of that research I found and uncovered a new and profound understanding about what all of these ideas about life had in common, which lead me to writing my book “Repeatlessness – An Owner’s Manual for the Human Mind”.

Yet, unfortunately, none of the doctrines, philosophies or sciences I had researched, satisfied or explained what I had experienced during that first out of body experience and then subsequent three additional near death experiences that occurred over the next 36 years.

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Then about 3 years ago, I experienced a 12-hour death experience, not “near death” experience, but a death experience. It was during that experience that I finally found the answers I was looking for.

Since then, I’ve spent the last three years recovering from the physical and neurological damage caused from the trauma my body experienced. While recovering, I set out to formulate the language, models and metaphors required to communicate this new understanding about life and the human condition.

It’s quite a difficult and arduous task attempting to explain a new paradigm to a consensus reality that really wants to hold on to its beliefs as absolutes. The metaphor I use to explain what it’s like for me is that it’s kind of like telling everyone here that the Earth is round when they all still believe it’s flat.

~~ Joe Martino: Was there a particular moment in time where you realized you must begin doing the work you are doing?

~~ Dr. Marshalla: Ever since I was 4 years old, I realized I saw things very differently than anyone else around me. But, after playing with death so many times and eventually always ending up back here in this body in this perceptual reality we call Earth, I found myself asking, “Why am I here? Why do I keep coming back? And what is the purpose or function of this thing, this human we call Joe Marshalla?”

The only reasonable explanation I could find and give for being here on Earth, the only function I could come up with that was half reasonable, was that I was here to uplift and nurture all life on the planet. I really can’t figure out any other reason for me to be here. If I’m not doing that, then I’m basically just a parasite consuming everything much like a cancer consumes the body. I just can’t do that. I kind of think of myself as a fertilization machine that feeds and nurtures all life on the planet so that at the very least when I finally do leave, I’ve had no negative impact on the Earth.

Yet, to answer your question, I kind of came in knowing this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

~~ Joe Martino: Can you touch on what your work consists of?

~~ Dr. Marshalla: My work is to find and then convey the fundamental, quintessential understandings required to assist in the transformation of our species. I rigorously study all currently emerging patterns in our behavioral schematics as a species and then apply all the current scientific, philosophic and spiritual understandings I’ve gleaned from a lifetime of study and my unique perspective due to my experiences.

So I write books, do videos, create tools, participate in public forums and public actions and spend my every waking hour assisting everyone I can to truly understand themselves and each other.

~~Joe Martino: There seems to be some special happening on the planet at this time, an awakening of sorts, what are your thoughts on what we are experiencing with this change?

~~Dr. Marshalla: Well that’s exactly what my latest essays are about. I’ve kind of been waiting for the world to be ready to hear what I have to say and now that time is here.

There is definitely a transformation occurring and the best way I can characterize it here with you in this interview is simply to say that the truth of our oneness is emerging and being realized. Essentially in its simplest form, we are transitioning from separation consciousness into unity consciousness.

~~Joe Martino: What lead you to create the “Essays for the planet” that you have just released?

~~Dr. Marshalla: About two years ago I was included in a four and half hour documentary called, “Frequency of Genius”. This summer, the producers of that film proposed an idea for a follow up book project called, “Frequency of Genius – Solutions for the 21st Century”.

The initial premise of the book was:

The Earth and its inhabitants are in more trouble than most people know, and here’s what some of our foremost thinkers have to say about it, as well as what they think we should do about it.

It was supposed to be a compilation of 12 authors, across 12 different fields of study, each contributing a chapter about the latest in what he or she understood about the world from their unique perspective. In addition to offering their point of view on the current dire conditions of the planet, each were to then offer what they felt were the basic considerations and/or actions necessary to correct or repair our current direction as well as suggest guidelines as to how to continue to harmoniously sustain life on the planet.

The book was a fabulous concept that never came to pass. Yet, when I was asked to participate, I immediately set out on the task of writing my chapter and the first essay emerged, which is called, “The State of Our Union”.

~~ Joe Martino: Is most of your work on a world scale? How did you end up as expert at that level?

~~Dr. Marshalla: I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but almost everything I’ve ever done has been on a world scale. I’ve always thought of the world in almost all of my actions and choices. I’ve always looked very deeply into every aspect of our societies, governments and everything, trying to understand why we are destroying our planet and each other.

The deeper you look, the deeper it gets. And when you find one of the fundamental drive shafts for what’s making it all happen you end up meeting some really incredible people who really want to make a change. I’ve been very fortunate to have been part of some think tanks and grassroots movements that have really had an impact on this world.

Yet, things really blew up for me after I released three lecture videos for free called, “The Mechanics of Mind Control”. Now, over 21 million people are following my work and I’m honored to have made such a positive contribution to this world.

So I’m kind of an underground superhero or something because I refuse to be one of those self-help gurus with all their marketing and strategies to get you to buy their stuff, who then just keep repackaging the same material over and over in an endless loop of dependency hoping they’ll keep you hooked and believing they can save you from whatever ails you. Nope, that represents everything I do not stand for.

So I decided to just give all my info away for free and that seemed to really strike a chord with humanity. Yet, I have to eat and pay some minimal bills’ so I now ask for a donation to receive my latest work.

~~ Joe Martino: Do you have any words or key ideas you wish to share with humanity at this time?

~~Dr. Marshalla: This first essay, “The State of Our Union,” truly explains as never before exactly why things are the way they are on this planet. That’s the simple truth of this essay.

Reading it and exposing yourself to this new paradigm of understanding requires an openness to completely view your world in a whole new way.

My hopes and prayers are that by sharing this information at this time, we can avert many of the problems and crises we might experience without this new understanding about what is happening to our species.

What I present is very real. It’s just not airy fairy new age metaphysical or theoretical postulating. It’s hard core science, observation, spirituality, conclusions and understandings that will elevate not only your understanding of yourself, but understanding yourself in the context of a planetary evolutionary leap.

I sincerely hope my life’s work, my purpose and my sharing assist you in yours.

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