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Making Old Ideas New?

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This I can tell you now may be the part where ideas and views may be challenged as we will begin to look at some of the solutions and ideas out there. Remember, it’s not as if any of these come from a place of poor intent, but simply that they may not be coming from a place of complete understanding with what is playing out here. There’s the disclaimer 🙂

Let’s look at a quick run down of what we do now in terms of what we call necessary parts of society.

Let’s start with Health Care. One of my favorites because it isn’t all that hard to see that health care is not about curing anyone but more so about keeping people barely alive. If we were all healthy or all dead, the industry couldn’t exist. Many believe that health care is an integral part of our society and is responsible for saving many lives. What we often don’t hear is that it’s also the third highest cause of death in North America and is responsible for why we get sick in the first place. Remember, the industry requires people to be sick in order to be able to treat them, so it is in the best interest of their survival to create a sick population they can treat and never cure. This is why the drugs that are produced have side effects. A side effect is the EFFECT of the drug. Sure it may help mask a symptom in one area of the body, but it then creates problems in many other areas of the body. So we temporarily fix one thing, only to activate the potentiality for 5 other things. And the best part is, there is always a more harmonious way! You look at natural medicine, which is used and helps many by harmonizing the entire body vs. masking a symptom in one area of the body and hurting the rest. The fear the health care industry has in natural medicine is immense as it is a direct threat to their entire business. This is why when ONE person does not have success with natural medicine a worldwide story is created and made public. But when millions and millions die at the hands of mainstream medicine we hear nothing.

Even when we look at something simple like a cure for cancer, we can see that there isn’t an interest in revealing the already existent cure. We have walks for cancer, huge cancer research societies who have been collecting millions upon millions for years and still no cure? Or is it that they don’t want a cure to exist because the cancer business is huge? Many on this planet have cured themselves of cancer with no mainstream medicine. Many have cured it with very simple ingredients that exist in most people’s homes. Cancer is not a challenging thing to cure, it is a very easy to understand disease that has been made complicate and feared by the medical world. I invite everyone to do research on cancer cures that already exist today. Many involving simply creating a high alkaline state within the body and adding more oxygen to create an environment where cancer cannot even exist. This is truly how simple it is.

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Another facet often regarded as very important is our systems of education. Taking a look at how this operates we can quickly see that it is in a way set up to fail. While this may not be obvious right from the go, you can discover this by understanding one main thing: education teaches everyone to be the same and to repeat the system we have in place. From that we now can understand how its set up to fail simply because our system itself is what is leading us to a point of destruction. If education is merely closing everyone’s potential off to only experiencing and repeating the system we have in place, we are headed no where but what is inevitable within this current structure.

With education we learn about how the world works, what the worlds history is, what scientific facts run the very foundations of our world and depending on the school it may even tell you what religion to believe in. The very nature of education is to repeat things that have been discovered many many years ago and to never update or falter away from what was understood. Not only that how much of what is taught is the opinion of someone simply passed off as fact? History, political, societal studies, psychology and religion are all perfect examples of that. Yet those who study psychology “help” those who come to a psychiatrist. Political majors become politicians, and of course many teachers come out of these areas of study as well. In every case each person is simply taught what the system, is and was and with that knowledge in hand they go out repeating what they have learned without ever thinking: where did any of this information come from in the first place? Did you know that much of what we learn in science is not even factual? We are finding this out and proving it day after day and yet we refuse to re write our science books and continue to teach the same incorrect information to our young people. Why? Because we have to repeat the system in place. If we told them that there are algebraic equations that prove the existence of free energy and over unity then our  whole resource system and all the money attached to it would collapse. And these equations and studies exist. They simply are not taught in any university because of what it represents to the system. What about how medical school works. Medical school is funded by the pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs that make people sick. So if they have a say in what is taught don’t you think it will be in the interest of maintaining their business? Do you think they will put in a textbook that the cure for cancer is combining some simple household products and drinking it for a few weeks? Of course not. Because they everything comes down and the money all fall apart.

The system of education reveals itself when someone tries to get a job. An English major can get a job as a business analyst. An engineer can get a job as a sales person. In both cases the applicant was required to have a degree, but the degree isn’t in the field the job is. Why is that? Because they system wants to know 2 things: 1. That you have built up a large amount of debt so you have to work forever to pay it off. 2. So they know you are conditioned! The degree states, you can jump through the hoops we are going to ask you to because a institution you paid to attend taught you to do so.

Next part we will get into a few more structures and we will ask why we are proposing to change some of these structures but adhering to the old ideas at the same time.

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