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How often have we heard the saying “Money is evil” or “Money is the root of all evil” or even “Money is the problem in our entire system.” I see this brought up A LOT and feel it’s the one external source that we tend to blame the most for all of our “problems” on this planet. Well today I want to look at something that is true about money; money isn’t evil, money isn’t the problem and removing money isn’t going to solve everything.

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We see it in documentaries that come out about changing the world, we see it in written pieces on pro change websites around the internet and we hear it on social platforms quite often. Many people have this belief that money is some evil force that makes people do evil things and is the root of our problems. What follows is the statement that we must abolish it in order to change everything on the planet. Let me be the first to say a couple tid bits here. 1. I have no interest in maintaining the use of money on this planet nor do I feel we need to continue using money. 2. I do understand though that it doesn’t matter whether we have money, buttons, napkins or resources as our currency to form an economy, the same “evil” type actions will occur. Because! and here it comes, it isn’t the evil banksters, it isn’t the money, it isn’t the rich people that are the problem, it’s our conscious view of it. Meaning, the way we view and perceive money as well as the role we allow it to play in our world.

Having money on the planet is just an experience. Think of what having money has shown us up to this point. We know what its like to separate ourselves to the point where we have to earn pieces of paper to survive. We know what its like go as far as going to war with one another over money. We know what it’s like to feel greed and power because of money. I’m sure we could go on listing the lessons money has taught us all day, but the key to note is, whether it’s money, or resources or boxes of junior mints that become a basis for an economy, you will still have all of these experiences. Because all of these experiences come from this level of being, this level of consciousness, this way of thinking, the learned behaviors we have adopted. It’s only the experience we are having now. Deep down do you feel it’s time to change it? Not just into a more “fair” system, but possibly blowing the doors and roof right off and create a system where survival is not threatened by lack of currency?

You hear all the time that if we removed the bankers and restored the constitution and had fair chance at real democracy things would be great. But think about it, it just means new greedy people would come in and take over! Over time this new system would become corrupt. We would still see separation from others and want to have more than others. We would still define ourselves by how much money we had and how it makes us feel to have it. We are going from one type of slavery to another type of slavery where you are still working to survive. This is not needed! We do not need to trade something for something we don’t own in the first place! Or let’s change to a resource based economy, but let’s have a look at that. We are doing the same thing. We will still have people who want to control all the resources and be greedy within this way of thinking or level of consciousness.

So what do we do? You change the one thing that truly creates all of this “evil” and separation. You change the consciousness. In other words, the way we see this world and operate on this planet. That’s it. It’s that simple. How do you go about this? We begin by looking at the basic truths of the world just like we did above. We see that these limiting factors of money, needing it to survive etc are just terms we agreed to plat within and they are not set in stone. It is not human nature to need money and to play the game of survival. As we remove power from these beliefs, we can be open to the possibility that things can change. As of now it seems the bulk of our population has given up, there is no openness to the possibility that things can actually change. Don’t just brush it off and forget that it’s possible. Become the change, accept it as something you want to see and actually make it a part of your life. We do not have to be walking zombies who work everyday feeling down thinking this is all this world will ever be and nothing more. Become the change and share it with others. The power of being open to it is wayyyy more powerful than you can possibly imagine! It is a scientific fact that our thoughts and perceptions of our world (our consciousness) does in fact shape and project our world. It is our choice to begin taking action on it. The perfect answer, the perfect plan isn’t going to materialize out of thin air, we have to begin taking steps. You have the choice.

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