10 Common Mainstream Beliefs Science Proves Incorrect

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We decided to put together a well researched list of 10 myths that are often believed to be true on this planet. The criteria that we had for all except one was that it would be well researched and must contain multiple scientific studies or sources. We decided to pick myths that would not only be insightful for the average person but also for the average truth seeker out there.

This list is a powerful tool to send to others as it can assist in opening them up to looking outside the box and getting more into asking questions and looking at science while leaving the emotions aside. This is a crucial step in awakening ourselves to the shift and changes going on so be sure to share this list with others!

NOTE: Please be sure to read each article and not just assume the content. Each are  researched and sourced.

1. Evidence Shows Dairy is Cause for Many Health Related Problems
There is compelling evidence, now published in top scientific journals and some of which is decades old, showing that cows’ milk is associated, possibly even causally, with a wide variety of serious human ailments including various cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and an array of allergy-related diseases. And, this food contains no nutrients that cannot be better obtained from other far more nutritious and tasty foods. READ FULL ARTICLE

2. Protein From Animal Products is More Harmful Than From Plants
Within the health community possibly one of the more popular debates is the debate in whether or not we should be consuming meat. Is it good for us? Do we need it? There are many sides to the coin and a lot of different beliefs out there. With this article we want to dive into something that relates to meat consumption: Protein! READ FULL ARTICLE

3. Fluoride Awareness Grows: No Science to Show Fluoride Prevents Tooth Decay
How many times have we gone to the dentist and been given fluoride and told it helps prevent tooth decay? What about the idea it needs to be in our toothpaste and even in our drinking water? Fluoride used in dentistry and water practices is not a medical grade substance but instead a by-product of the aluminum and fertilizer industries. This toxic substance is costly to disposes of and so it has been used in these practices as a way to reduce costs. The troubling findings are that this substance has not been found to prevent tooth decay. In fact, much evidence shows that fluoride actually rots our teeth. READ FULL ARTICLE

4. Have You Ever Questioned Where Money Comes From?
Money is everywhere isn’t it? We use it daily, we buy our goods and necessities with it. If we are working we are making it daily. For most of us not a day goes by where we are in some way using money or thinking about money. That’s all natural of course as it has been such a huge part of our society for a long time. But have you ever looked at that money and thought to yourself, how did this get here? How did the money I hold and use come into our system to begin with? Find out. READ FULL ARTICLE

5. The Extraterrestrial Cover Up Has Many Holes: We Are Not Alone
Today, UFO’s and ET’s are much easier to talk about than ever before. In the mid 1900′s, bringing up the topic would be like asking for other’s to publicly call you crazy. But over the year it has become a very popular subject and many appear to be lifting the veil on what is a very elaborate government cover-up regarding the existence of UFO’s & Extraterrestrials. Why is this all being covered up? READ FULL ARTICLE

6. Medical Records State: The Sun Has Never Been Directly Linked to Skin Cancer Case
Everyone loves the summer time and with summer comes more sun exposure. Whether we have fair skin or dark skin, thinking about how much sun exposure we get is a good idea because we don’t want to burn or get heat stroke. But another side effect that often is brought up with sun exposure is skin cancer. Does the sun cause skin cancer? The purpose of this article is to go through various facts surrounding skin cancer to see if there is truly a link between the two. READ FULL ARTICLE

7. Does HIV Cause AIDS? Studies Suggest There is no Link
There is no doubt that AIDS is responsible for some tough experiences in life as it relates to health. This can be a touchy subject because it literally has been a very large subject with fear attached to it for many years. When it comes to the HIV/AIDS myth what we are looking at is simple: There is a common belief that HIV leads to AIDS. We wanted to discover if this link is in fact true and if so how does it do that. READ FULL ARTICLE

8. What is Cancer Exactly? Is it Really That Untreatable? Pt 1
The Big C is one of the most feared diseases on this planet and has been supplied billions in an attempt to find a cure. The truth is Cancer is an extremely simple disease to cure and has been being cured for over 50 years. The simple cures can range from slightly more advanced practices to using simple household products. The fact is all methods do not involve the use of Chemo or Radiation. Why is there so much misinformation out there about cancer? Why are these cures not more known? READ FULL ARTICLE PART 1 PART 2

9. Undeniable Evidence Proves Global Warming is Not Manmade
Global warming and climate change has been a hot topic for quite a few years now and has gained a lot of attention on both sides of the fence. Some say it is a real threat humans are responsible for causing while others claim this is all a hoax made up by governments to impose new taxes and make more money. Let’s find out who’s on track with this one. READ FULL ARTICLE

10. The Big Myth: “This is How is Has to be”
Perhaps my favorite because of how powerful it is when you realize we do not have to be doing what we are doing today in terms of how we are experiencing life and all its facets on this planet. We are simply programmed and conditioned to think we are powerless in this world yet we have the ability to create something completely free and completely new. This is called the big myth because it ties each one together and gives us a look into how powerful we truly are by looking at some simple experiments. This is a must read. READ FULL ARTICLE

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  1. Alex

    If you are going to go on record saying things like “studies suggest that HIV does not cause AIDS” and “global warming is not man made” and call that proof, then you should also include “homosexuality is not biological” because no credible scientific study ever done has shown a biological difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Scientists around the globe are in agreement, they do not know what causes it, and the post-birth environment plays a crucial role.

    Republican supported ideas aren’t the only ones about which we are being lied to.

    • Well, if you look in a book called “Why men don`t listen and women can`t read maps” ther IS a statement of avery clear study showing how to predict if a person is going to be homosexual or not. So ther IS evidence

  2. I clicked on the 5 things not to eat. I still only know 3 of them as its about selling you stuff. How can we trust any of this garbage. if I knew 5 things not to eat I would tell the world. What are they, and I will.

  3. Good apart from the “proves” in the title

  4. Some guy

    So how does the solar flares/cycle make more more CO2 to be produced? I am confused as there is no evidence supplied by your article to support this. Also why are the oceans acidifying? Is the basic chemistry wrong. Some substances only need parts per million to really make an affect on a bio-system. If you think of nature being a balance it does not take much to tip the scales. More heat equals more water vapor right? You said water vapor is one of the worst green house gasses so this sounds like a horrible feed back loop system.

    Other than your global warming debunking I am right with you on all your other points.

    Side note my father is a dentist and hes said that there is no benefit from ingesting fluoride. The benefits of fluoride on our teeth is with coming in direct contact with our teeth. Think fluoride treatment trays that you then spit out. No need to drink the nasty stuff.

  5. Hey Joe Martino, I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn, do you have an account? I find your articles fascinating and interesting and I too am passionate in the Collective Evolution and what you say. Please respond to my comment.

  6. Tracy

    I like how people have the audacity to call the author names, then squawk about retraction and internet regulation. Go watch your idiot box some more, we all know that’s what has trained you all to repeat the same thing, like a bunch of parrots. Either that or you all work for the same paid troll company, your thoughts are too closely matched to be your own…

  7. Caspian

    I’m massively in favour of sites like this, i think its very important to keep your mind open and realise that a lot of what we’re told is complete rubbish.
    Some of what you post is great, there has been massive evidence for problems caused by dairy and meat products, and health problems associated with Fluoride (but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also help keep your teeth clean and destroy bacteria!)

    The alien stuff… personally I cant comment, dont know enough about it.

    As for global warming, im astounded that you’ve posted that claim! There is irrefutable evidence that shows that the release of emissions into our atmosphere, and the degrading of the ozone layer, has contributed to global warming. Yes, global warming (followed by cooling) is a natural cycle, but one that we have increased the speed of dramatically. Furthermore, the idea that we should stop taxing corporations that release damaging emissions surely goes against most of what you’ve previously posted! How can you expect ‘free energy’ or renewable energy concepts to be developed if we can continue using fossil fuels so cheaply.

    And what that article claims about AIDS is also complete rubbish. i just dont understand how you can decide that the studies you’ve looked at can be more accurate than the immense research that has been done in the area, not just by pharmaceutical companies, but charities and universities too.

  8. Jens

    I read the headlines alone, and knew this article is spot on due to my own research over the years. I can only plea to the haters to open your minds and read again.

  9. Trouble is, I’m a skeptic. I don’t believe in government, I don’t believe in religion. But that also means I don’t take sensationalist bullshit and propaganda at face value. I’m not a hater. I’m a man of philosophy, logic, science, ethics, and reason.

    When an article tells me that pasteurised milk is bad because heat destroys calcium (!), and the “life-energy” of milk nutrients, my skepty-sense tingles, I call bullshit on the author, and I cease to take them seriously or want to promote them as part of any collective step forward for the human race.

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