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At the beginning of each year whether it’s done in finance, sports, business, weather, politics, or napkin sales, predictions are made and spread out to all so they can get an idea of what is going on in the world of each category. For some people it is taken very seriously, for others it is taking with 7 – 8 grains of salt. I thought I would do the same and make some 2012 predictions.

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The #1 and only prediction is… in 2012 predictions will be as accurate as me saying that oranges are actually purple. (If someone finds a purple orange… oops)

What do I mean by this? I simply mean, many predictions are being made and many have been made involving the end of the world, Mayans, earth changes, weather disasters, and structural shifts all said to happen in 2012. While 2012 will be a year of change in many ways, it is important to realize that predictions really serve us no purpose. Often times we want to know what the future will look like because we fear the future or we fear what will happen. We want to make the “best” decisions now so if we know the future we know what to do now. But the truth is we can never know the future because there is no future! We create moment by moment on this planet and predictions made in one moment can literally change in the next. Especially with how much and how fast humanity is shifting BY THE DAY. Understand that when predictions were made by the Mayans years and years ago, they were simply looking forward from a certain moment of time at a certain moment of time. They were looking at what things COULD be like, not how things WILL BE. We create all of this during each moment. Our reality works off of many timelines and each time we make shifts within ourselves we have the potential to shift timelines. Many of the timelines the Mayans were looking at we have already passed.

In 2012, focus on the moment, focus on what you can do and observe about yourself and the world in each moment and base your decisions on that. All of the changes in this world will not come from us sitting around waiting for predictions. We have to begin by starting where it counts most and is most powerful- we start with ourselves. This is how we can change this planet in a powerful way. Be part of the shift by living in the moment and starting with becoming change.

If you want to see how powerful we truly are and how much one single person can affect this world and this shift, I recommend checking out this documentary CLICK HERE.

Much Love!

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