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“There is enough on earth for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed” – Gandhi

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Humanity is sold on the concept that a form of authority has the right to own natural resources, and can create a system that allows them to decide who can or cannot have access to them. According to this system, The degree of access that each human being can have to even the most vital resources, will depend on how hard they are willing to work to gain what we call “money“. This is indeed a wide spread belief, but once we look at it from an observer’s standpoint, does it have to be this way? Is there any wisdom to an economic system where 20% of the population consumes 80% of the earth’s resources, while the other 80% of the population gets by on the remaining 20%?

For many humans, the ownership, control and the unequal distribution of resources is simply common sense. This belief originates from the subconscious sense that there will never be enough space, opportunity and resource in the world for everybody to benefit from. Such an impression has made the idea of scarcity, ruthless competition, winners and losers a reality amongst the human race. One where you must “earn” your spot in the world, hold on to it, own it, protect it… and ideally profit from it regardless of the harm it may cause along the way. This concoction of beliefs, mentalities and concepts has formed a thick veil of illusion over one of mother nature’s very simple truths:

Planet earth produces more than enough resources for all earthlings to share equally.

The fact of the matter is, not one human being actually HAS to experience lack. For lack to be even possible, there has to be a minority of humans that not only consume more than the rest, but also call the shots on who gets what.

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“It is as if children are playing in a sandbox full of toys. One of them decides that the toys are his, and then tells the other kids that they must work to get these little pieces of paper that will grant them access to the toys.” – Franco DeNicola

As silly as the previous analogy sounds, this is exactly what we are doing, but in a much grander scale.

It is simple mathematics really: A human race living in a state of sustainability + unity + peace + equality + cooperation = A healthy and flourishing earth where everybody shares and no one experiences lack. A human race living in a state of dependency + separation + destruction + hierarchy + greed = An unhealthy and damaged earth where the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

We have all heard the sayings, “money is the root of all evil”, or “money makes the world go round,” both implying money as that which has brought humanity to this point. Money sure does seem to be the root cause of most of humanity’s unconscious actions. But is it really?

We seem to perceive money as this outside force that overrules and dictates every individual and collective step that we make, as if it is more powerful than all of us combined. Yet, when you think about it, money is not a natural phenomena that we had no choice but to work with. It is completely fabricated. It is a man-made invention, that only has as much value as our minds can give to pieces of paper and digits on a computer.

How could money itself be evil and responsible for the world going round? Could a simple digit on a computer or piece of paper decide to be the most valuable thing, create wars, represent natural resources, or forbid these resources to be shared equally? Of course not. Only the mind of an individual can do so. The value and role of money lies only in the eyes of the beholder, and this is precisely why the system insists in portraying it as so vital, so valuable, and even fashionable, through both the media and education.

Picture yourself in a child-like state, having not been exposed to all society’s influences and belief systems. Would anyones inner-child go to war with another earthling, destroy the planet in the name of pieces of paper and digits on a computer, or be too greedy to desire a world in which we all share the planet’s resources equally?

“The mass propaganda of carefully concocted beliefs and concepts has now overruled the simple and obvious truth of living together as equals, in abundance, in honesty, in peace and in harmony. Yet no matter how much those manipulative concepts and beliefs have tainted the vision of humanity, the truth remains the truth.” – E.S.

The concept of a form of currency may have served at one point in time as a means of exchange and barter, but does that servitude still exist when humanity becomes enslaved by it? Is it even truly serving when it has transformed into a prison of perpetual debt which enriches the richest and further deprives the poorest? Is it worth keeping when the masses are now are obligated to pay simply to exist and survive on the abundant planet we were born on, all while the few in charge of such a system can simply print money out of thin air, bathe in unnecessary luxury, and still call the shots?


Money is now archaic, and there is always room for evolution.

“We are about to do what centuries of human beings have not been able to do. And that is to get the big picture, and realize that we are all one. No matter how much we disagree, you are my brother, you are my sister, and there is nothing we can do to change that. We have to figure out how to live together. And in reality, we can live together. We can! It is ridiculous to think we can’t. In fact, we have to really work hard at not learning to live together.” – Alex Collier

We are limitless creators in a limitless world, and our only limits are the ones we create and impose on ourselves. It is time to let go of the old, shift our consciousness, and co-create something new!

Much Love,


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