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This video has been circulating quite a bit in the past few days. Just wanted to touch a little bit on what we can take away from this, but first let’s check out the video:

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Since there is really nothing to look into here to prove the existence of the secret society because he blatantly talks about it, let’s just use this opportunity to understand something about many sports stars, musicians, actors, company owners and so forth. If you want to get big, be well known, or even get better at whatever it is that you do, you usually have to join or be asked to join the elite. Many of the big musicians you see today did not get there simply because they worked at it. To get to a certain tier you have to sell yourself away to this group, whether it be the Masons or the Illuminati, the biggest and best are part of it. From inside these groups these people get certain privileges you and I don’t. They can do whatever it is they want without legal action. They have access to all the money, promotion and opportunity they could ever want. And they even have access to becoming better at what they do by means of mental programming. This is something that is used by some of the best in sports in order to stand out that much more than anyone else.

The only reason it is worth pointing this out is simply to see that this sort of stuff is going on and it’s our choice as to whether we want to keep playing this game and idolizing people who are in a position that isn’t what it seems. Do we want to keep chasing fame? Money? Success? Why do we even want to chase these things in the first place? What is driving us?

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