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Many of us spend our lives thinking this is all there is to life. As a result, we often tend to get caught up in the superficiality of things, concerning ourselves only with what is apparent to the eye and how we can label and define our surroundings. 

We use terms such as ”money”, “sky”, “water, “tree” or “animal” to label certain aspects of our experience on earth. But do we truly know what it is that we are defining, or do we stop ourselves at definitions? Have we truly observed those things for what they truly are?

For example, we can choose to label a piece of paper with specific markings on it as “money”, and give it a meaning of something very valuable. Yet is it truly and inherently valuable, or is it only paper? We can meanwhile look at a tree or an animal, breathe the air, walk on the earth, and perceive all of those as valueless or irrelevant to our lives. Yet are they truly that depthless and insignificant?

Thinking, defining, judging, and labeling are very different than observing. Definitions rarely, if ever, can show us what is truly there. Yet by simply observing, we open ourselves up to truly knowing and experiencing the totality of what it is that we see. When we stop ourselves at labels and definitions, we remain limited to the mind’s database of what names, terms, and programmed values it has accumulated throughout its life, without the will to question, observe and get to know what everything actually is.

“Various definitions, labels, concepts and belief systems have undoubtedly succeeded in shaping and distorting most of humanity’s perceptions and ways of experiencing life. If we only took a moment to observe what everything truly is -without being clouded with labels, judgments and definitions -this would have the power to completely shift our perception and awareness. This would reveal the inherent truth about everything. This would change the world.”

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Does knowing the name of someone truly signify knowing the person? Does knowing the name of a bird truly means that we know the bird? Is knowing the definition of a sunset the equivalent to experiencing what it is?

Most of humanity, because of the way we are conditioned, will look at birds flying by, the snow falling down, or a tree being still, and see nothing more than the label they have been attributed with. It is to the point where many individuals can walk by a park and miss out on all the life that surrounds them, because their minds are addicted to thinking about anything and everything that can take their awareness away from the present moment.

However, taking a moment to simply observe this moment with a quiet mind would lead us so much further. Taking a moment to observe the wholeness of our experience would melt away the illusion of time and of compulsive thought, while bringing our awareness back into the aliveness of the present moment. Life was born without a definition. It is therefore from a definitionless state, that one can fully experience and know that which inherently held no definitions.

“It can be helpful on this path to remember that the Word is NOT the thing. Ex: The word sun is NOT the actual SUN. The word sky is NOT the actual SKY. The thought in your head of someone is NOT the actual SOMEONE. The sound ‘me’ in your head is NOT the actual YOU (…) The preciousness and sacredness of Life, of Love, can NEVER be understood by the conceptual mind as it can only ‘know’ concepts/descriptions, but never the thing itself.” – Michael Jeffreys

Powerful scene from the movie ‘Peaceful Warrior’:

I believe that if everyone took the time to observe life as it is, most of what was once irrelevant to us would suddenly become a miracle, and most of the thoughts and concepts we were once obsessed about would become quite irrelevant. Simply the experience of being alive, of experiencing and of creating in the present moment would be acknowledged as our ultimate purpose, while an archaic system in which we slave to make money and obsess over superficialities will be seen for what it is: a joke (Click here, or here if you don’t get the joke). We would finally let go of our need to think and define our way through life, and instead simply BE our way through life, opening ourselves up to the infinite potentiality of the earthly experience we are having.

Definitions would be secondary, Beingness would be primary.

To end this article, here are links that show off the subtlest aspects of our human experience revealing the miracle of life, one which couldn’t be known unless it was observed beyond labels.

Just as observing the life around us will reveal the knowing of what life truly is, observing the life within us will reveal the knowing who we truly are. Both are miracles.

Much Love,

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