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What Is Trust? Can it be broken? Do we need to hold on to trust?

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Let’s take a look…

With how we define trust, we attach stories of expectations of how someone should be and act. Along with these expectations comes a feeling of being victimized or hurt if these expectations are not met, this is what we call our trust being “broken”. Both illusions created by the ego. Nothing is being broken, it’s just that our beliefs are being challenged. This is a form of control that the ego has in its limited understanding of how we can create. This is not something we need to judge because that’s just another aspect of the ego judging the ego.  To move forward we need to bring ourselves to our natural state of neutrality. A state of non-judgement so that we can simply view our experiences from a neutral standpoint. We do this by removing the programs of judgement which first starts by awareness of why we’re judging in the first place. Once we have the awareness of why, the program loses it’s power and we then have the choice to not empower and play with it any longer. This will allow us to see through everything for what it is and feel no need to play within the energy of these thoughts as it will no longer resonate. The soul wants to expand and play, not be limited.

We have to remember that people are where they are at and we cannot change that. Everyone is on their own journey and there is no right or wrong or good or bad experience that we can create. To truly help someone is knowing that we can only assist by sharing clarity and our love and also understand that if we partook in an experience like this or of any sort, it was what we asked to create for our highest good to reach a grander more expanded state, beyond these limiting beliefs. I’ve learned this from experience. I’ve always wanted to trust people my entire life because I couldn’t understand why we deceive or lie on this planet. But I now do through experiences that I played with and created. This is how we become enlightened! By playing with anything and everything that this planet has to offer! This is a playground and everything is just an experience.

In a relationship of any sort, if someone “breaks your trust” it’s an opportunity for you to observe how you feel about it and what programmed beliefs are limiting you from experiencing total peace. It’s an opportunity to see things for what they are. If judgement comes up it’s an opportunity to observe why you’re judging. Once you have the awareness of why you’re judging and can see what beliefs and emotional attachments is creating this judgement, you can dissolve it and no longer have to play with it. You then reach a state of peace and clarity, in this state we can assist others in seeing the truth because we are no longer limited ourselves. This is what the shift is about.

If someone acts in that way it’s because they are creating their world in fear. If someone lies or cheats or goes against an agreement, they are creating stories of how they may be judged or how people may react or feel about them and they do not want to experience this. They may also feel they need to control a situation to feel empowered and it can also relate to how they feel about the situation through their own self judgement of what they chose to experience. All in all, it really boils down to not wanting to face the challenges that arise from experiencing this form of relationship. These challenges are beautiful experiences for us that can serve greatly in growth. We are here for growth and growth comes from dissolving the programs of the ego. We are beautiful and strong souls and have the power to dissolve all that limits us within our experience here on Earth.  We are not victims to any situation, we are the CREATOR!

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