Top 20 Things Most Dangerous to Children

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Came across this article today and thought it was well put together and contained great info so here it is!

Now before I post it, understand that what we have been lead to believe by much of mainstream media and mainstream medicine about these things may be different so please take the time to look into things further if something doesn’t resonate.

1. Mercury fillings
Often called “silver fillings” to hide the fact that they’re made from mercury, these highly toxic fillings are placed directly into the mouths of children where they are inhaled (mercury vapor) and swallowed, causing systemic mercury poisoning to the child and leading to long-term neurological damage. Visit and watch the “Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas” video to learn more.

2. Vaccines
Think vaccines are safe? You’ve been hoodwinked by the popular media parroting drug company propaganda. Vaccines are preserved with methyl mercury, one of the most dangerous chemical forms of the toxic heavy metal. This mercury is injected directly into the bodies of children where it causes severe neurological damage. And yes, it does cause Autism, despite what you’ve read in the dumbed-down press. Only a fool would inject their child with mercury-preserved vaccines.

3. Hot dogs
Hot dogs are made with horrifying processed meat parts (click here to see shocking photos of processed meat products, then preserved with a cancer-causing ingredient called sodium nitrite. As detailed in my book Grocery Warning, this ingredient causes brain tumors in children, not to mention leukemia, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer and other cancers. Hot dogs are far more dangerous to a child’s health than lead paint in my opinion, and yet parents keep feeding them to their children!

4. Antibacterial soap
How about a little nerve toxin in your soap? That’s what’s found in antibacterial soap. It’s a toxic cocktail of chemicals designed to kill life. That’s how it kills bacteria. The problem is that it also harms people — especially infants and children who are trying to develop healthy nervous systems. Avoid all products claiming to be “antibacterial.” You’re better off using natural soap (like Dr. Bronner’s soap, ) and letting your child’s immune system fight off common bacteria. The world isn’t sterile, after all. You can’t turn your house into a germ-free bubble.

5. ADHD drugs
Would you give your child street drugs like speed or meth? Probably not, but what if your doctor wrote you a prescription for speed and said your child needed it because he was ADHD? If you’re like most parents, you’d fall in step and start giving your child speed. But wait, you say: ADHD drugs are not speed, are they? But of course they are. They belong to a class of drugs called amphetamines. They used to be illegally sold as speed. Now they’re prescription drugs, and they’re given to children in schools all across America (and elsewhere). Psychiatrists and drug companies are making a killing dosing up kids and infants on substances that used to be considered illegal street drugs (and that have no legitimate medical use whatsoever).

6. Sports drinks
For some reason, parents irrationally believe sports drinks are healthy because they contain the word “sports.” Didn’t they notice the neon green artificial coloring? Sports drinks are, in my opinion, a nutritional joke. Made from salt water, processed sweeteners and petrochemical coloring, many of their ingredients are actually harmful. Drinking water would be smarter, and feeding your child some healthy trace minerals would be even better. Low on potassium? Eat a banana.

7. Cough syrup and over-the-counter medicines
Nearly all children’s over-the-counter medicines contain multiple toxic substances such as chemical sweeteners, preservatives and additives. Cough syrup, in particular, has been scientifically proven to be absolutely worthless in preventing coughs. Many “children’s” medicines are actually more toxic than their adult counterparts because they’re sweetened up and cosmetically enhanced with artificial colors made from petrochemicals. Yet parents poison their children every day with over-the-counter medicine.

8. Sunscreen
The sunscreen industry is a huge scam. Most popular sunscreen products actually cause skin cancer due to the numerous toxic chemicals they contain (which are quickly absorbed into the skin where they cause DNA mutations that lead to cancer). Even worse, sunscreen blocks the UV radiation that allows the skin to manufacture all-important vitamin D — the most powerful anti-cancer nutrient yet known to modern science. It prevents over a dozen different cancers, yet parents block it by slathering toxic sunscreen on their children, all while mistakenly believing they’re “protecting their children from cancer!” What a scam.

9. Fluoride in the water
I’ve always found it amazing that city water officials were dumb enough to actually buy a toxic waste substance and arrange to have it dripped into the public water supply where it would be ingested by infants and children. The result? Mass fluorosis and toxicity to children everywhere. Didn’t these people realize that fluoride only works topically? (That is, it only works if you rub it on your teeth, then spit it out, and even that only works if you’re using natural fluoride, not the chemicals spit out as byproducts of the fertilizer industry, which is what city water departments are buying and dripping into the water supply.) Click here to see my CounterThink cartoon on this topic.

Whoever heard of drinking a topical medication in the first place? It’s like swallowing sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Even worse, putting this into the public water supply effectively mass medicates everyone with a bioactive chemical substance that no one has been given a prescription for. This is all done with no regard for the level of natural fluoride children might already be ingesting from other sources. The situation is so crazy that it’s difficult to find a more insane example of medical tyranny than the mass fluoridation of public water supplies. The fact that doctors and dentists so vehemently support it demonstrates just how crazy they really are.

10. Processed milk
Children as young as 10 years old are now being diagnosed with heart disease and clogged arteries. Ever wonder how it happened? It’s due in part, I believe, to all the processed milk children are swallowing these days. Not only is the milk contaminated with pus, blood and detectable levels of pesticides and other chemicals, it’s also homogenized, meaning the fats are artificially modified in a way that makes them stay in suspension. This homogenization also makes milk fats dangerous to cardiovascular health. While I support the consumption of raw, unprocessed milk, I think that consuming processed, homogenized milk is dangerous to the health of infants, children and adults alike!

11. Fast food
Fast food is extremely unhealthy for children. Not only are the foods often fried, homogenized, hydrogenated and otherwise altered, they’re also laced with chemical additives, taste enhancers, processed sugars, petrochemical food coloring and other unhealthy substances. Strangely, many parents actually reward their children for good behavior by buying them unhealthy fast food meals, thereby creating a psychological association between good feelings and junk food. (Fast food restaurants further exploit this psychological link by building playgrounds and running feel-good advertisements that emphasize friends and fun, then link those good vibes to their food products.)

12. Antidepressant drugs
Children as young as six months old are now being put on psychotropic drugs such as SSRIs (antidepressants). These drugs, we now know, cause suicidal thoughts and violent behavior, especially in young boys. They imbalance brain chemistry and even alter the body’s metabolism of sugar, promoting diabetes and leading to rapid weight gain. These drugs are so dangerous that feeding them to children should be considered a crime. Every single school shooting involving a child in the United States in the last 15 years has been linked to antidepressant drug use. Need I say more?

13. Chemical laundry detergents
Parents are shown fancy ads on television depicting how wonderful and clean their clothes will be if they wash them in brand-name laundry detergent. What they’re not shown, however, is the toxicity of all the synthetic chemicals that go into most laundry detergent products. The fragrance chemicals alone are often carcinogenic, and they’re just as bad for the environment as they are children’s health. A new alternative has appeared, however: Soap berries! It’s laundry soap that grows on trees. We offer it at

14. Flame retardant chemicals
Did you know that new mattresses for infants and children are often sprayed with extremely toxic flame retardant chemicals? These are easily absorbed through the skin of infants and children where they contribute to numerous neurological disorders and immune suppression. Many clothing products are also sprayed with flame retardants, as are some carpeting products. In the push to make everything fireproof, state regulators (who have mandated the flame retardant chemicals in states like California) have created a toxic environment for everyone. I suppose if you’re a politician, it’s always better for a million people to die of a mysterious disease that can’t be linked to you than to have one baby burning up on the evening news with fingers of blame pointed directly at you.

15. Soda
Aside from directly promoting diabetes and obesity, sodas also contain high amounts of phosphoric acid, a substance that dissolves bones and causes a loss of bone mineral density. This causes massive tooth decay as well as a shrinking jaw bone and overall skeletal fragility. Diet sodas are even worse, since they contain chemical sweeteners linked to neurological disorders and learning disabilities.

16. Air fresheners
Air fresheners contain cancer-causing chemicals. Unleashing them in the house exposes children to these chemicals, promoting asthma and other respiratory problems. If you value the health of your children, avoid air freshener products and just use essential oils or citrus peels instead. (Peel an orange and hang the peel in your kitchen.)

17. Synthetic vitamins
Many children’s vitamins are made with cheap, synthetic “vitamin” chemicals that actually harm people who take them. Plus, many are loaded up with artificial colors, sucrose and chemical sweeteners. Avoid cheap, store-bought children’s vitamins or anything containing cyanocobalamin (a toxic form of vitamin B12). Quality children’s vitamins are available through sources like Nordic Naturals (fish oils) and (also check for high-quality supplements).

18. Dryer sheets
Most popular dryer sheets and fabric softeners are made with toxic synthetic chemicals that are not safe to use on children’s clothing. The fragrance chemicals alone are often highly carcinogenic, and the other chemicals contribute additional toxicity to the clothing. Children’s clothes should never be washed or dried in chemicals. Only use natural detergents and fabric softeners, or avoid the fabric softeners altogether.

19. Bacon
Most bacon and sausage are processed meat products made with sodium nitrite (like the hot dogs, above) and contaminated with various chemicals lodged in the animal fats. Conventionally-raised beef, pork and chicken products are, in my opinion, extremely toxic to the human body and contribute to colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and many other diseases and disorders. If you make meat for your children, shop for 100% organic, free-range, antibiotic-free meats that have no nitrites or nitrates.

20. Shampoo and bath products
Virtually all popular shampoo and bath products sold on the market contain cancer-causing chemicals. The ingredients read like a top-40 list of toxic chemicals. Virtually none of these chemicals have ever been tested or approved for use on humans (they are simply ignored because the FDA astonishingly believes the skin won’t absorb chemicals). If you want healthy products, use the shampoo I recommend: Pure Essentials Fragrance-Free Shampoo from Earth Science (

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  1. Felix


    from Freiberg, Saxonia, eastern Germany

  2. Rubella

    Putting sunscreen in this article has lost you credibility, since I’ve seen first hand the devastating effects that too much sunburn can cause. You’re more likely to get cancer NOT using it than by using it.

    • Ever considered that the chemicals in our food, water, soup, shampoos and the air could be reacting with our skin or even the UV rays to cause these skin cancers? I have no proof of this, however it is a theory worth investigating. Instead of placing a band aid on a cut, find out what caused the cut in the first place?

    • errmmm you really think that millions of years of evolution would leave us prone to skin cancer from the life giving sun …. bullllllllshit … what you are not taking into account is stupidity of people willing to burn themselves for a tan … the chemicals on their skins and in their diets already etc etc etc … you lost your own credibility by being an uneducated idiot

      • Humans haven’t been here millions of years. GG.

        • Well, technically your statement is incorrect. Humans are characterized by having a large brain relative to body size and are of the genus Homo. Homo being the genus of great apes and have a history of approximately 2.4 million years. However, this is what current science tells us.

        • Duh

          Yeah cause evolution is only as old as humans -___-

      • I know that when I’m not putting sunscreen I get burned (on a beach of course. nobody’s doing it on every day basis)… so don’t tell me it doesn’t help.

        • Try putting a cotton shirt on and/or sit in the shade. Oh, wear a hat

        • iwona

          it’s the lack of nutrients and too much toxins in your body that make your immune system unable to function properly therefore your skin gets burn.

          • rk

            There are sunscreens on the market that aren’t (as far as I know) toxic, but you have to search them out, they often aren’t sold in the usual shops. They are MINERAL-BASED, they physically block the sun from hitting your skin. They will say this clearly on the packaging if it is this type. I think they contain zinc? Some sun exposure is good, too much damages. All excess radiation damages, so does the sun’s UV. Also, with ozone depletion, we are being exposed to more UV than before.

  3. Andy

    Be careful with the claims you make. Many of these arguments are unsubstantiated, like the sunscreen example mentioned by Rubella.
    New technology and accepted health recommendations may not perfect, but I think they are mostly headed in the right direction. I don’t think many of us would like to go back to the time before vaccinations or sleep on a bed that is made of flammable materials.

  4. Vera

    Accepted by whom?
    Research the invention of white sugar and plague epidemic, research some opposing views on vaccinations. The amish population has NO incidence of autism – 0. They do not vaccinate.
    I am most certainly going back to time before flame retardants. Wouldn’t you notice if your bed was on fire? Do flame retardants protect people from dying in a house on fire? What logic is that?
    Buy a futon made with wool and you have a flame retardant.

  5. john

    its just too difficult (and expensive) to find alternatives for all this stuff. especially if you have multiple kids. its like trying to quit a bad habit, you know its hurting you but its so much easier in these stressful times to continue doing it.

    • so much easier to endanger yourself and your childrens lives , than making some fucking effort to do something about it …. really fucking weak excuse and very sheeplike

      • Is it really necessary to use foul language to get your point across? What if a child that is old enough to read and understand that those words are bad. I love my child and it angers me that they use mercury as a way of preserving vaccines that later on is being pumped into our children’s bodies. So there are some out there who aren’t well informed on the dangers of these chemicals oh well it’s their problem not ours nor does anyone…myself included have the right to judge anyone and what they choose to believe is right or wrong is exactly that…their choice, not ours and is not worth wasting your time, or energy on worrying about the choices they make. Focus your time and energy on your family because they are the ones who need and depend on you and not wasting your time on others who no matter how hard you try to help just doesn’t listen to or take your advice into consideration before they make their decision. I wish I could help all those who need help but I am but one person and if I am only able to help one person…then I can proudly say that I made a difference in that person’s life.

  6. bird

    ok….. so i think the list would be shorter if you told us what we can use……. debbie downer!

  7. Anna

    Only a fool would let their child get polio when u have available when we have vaccines. Please do research before posting this garbage.

    • do your own research …. you obviously haven’t

      • I like your attitude Leah Templeman!!

  8. Anna

    Only a fool would let their child get polio when we have vaccines. Please do research before posting this garbage.

    • Peter Freeman

      Thimerosal, the mercury preservative you blame for Autism, has been out of Vaccines for over a decade yet Autism diagnosis still rises. Autism is genetic you ass. The diseases that vaccines have protected against still kill children in other parts of the world. Now, children are dying from these diseases again in the US because idiots like you scare parents into not vaccinating their children. And these are horrible deaths. Autisim runs in my family and it goes back to my grandfather (that we know of) and he was not vaccinated. You do more harm than good. Shame on you!

      • Peter Freeman: I beg to differ. Maybe in your case autism is hereditary. So I am curious what your theory as to why the increase of autism cases?! When taking my grandkids for their vaccination I was told Kaiser still has Thermosil in their vaccines… and this is “a decade after it has been removed”. Read the fine print on the insert for your next vaccination visit.

        • Marty

          Is it really that hard for you to figure out? As the science gets better, and we learn more about autism, we’re able to refine the diagnostic criteria, therefore altering the rates of autism cases. You seem to think that there was no autism before we knew what autism was. I guess that means there was no fire before we knew what fire was, either. Correlation does not equal causation, and if vaccines cause autism, and there is definitive proof of it, being autistic myself, I would still have gotten my vaccines.

  9. - Collective Evolution

    Hey Anna,

    This article might be helpful about some info when it comes to Polio. Even it would be highly beneficial to do some research into vaccines. There is mounds of scientific evidence to show that vaccines are completely ineffective and virtutally none to show that they are useful.

    • Thank you for making the point I was thinking…vaccinations are not effective at all. Proper, better nutrition and sanitation have made the difference.

  10. PanMan

    What are the alternatives? I still get sunburned, i still need shampoo, i still need to wash my clothes etc. You offer whats bad in society, but not what to do to combat it…

    • Sarah

      I would recommend one of the natural brands of sunscreen, such as Badger Balm or California Baby. However, it is really important for our bodies to absorb vitamin D directly from the sun…so you don’t want to wear sunscreen a lot. Try to stay out of the sun when it is really hot and the sun is at its strongest. As for shampoo, Dr. Bronners has a full line of natural, castile soap, or Earth Mama Angel Baby is also good for kids. For washing clothes I use eco nuts – they are berries that grow on trees and can be used several times before throwing away. I use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. All of these things can be purchased through Also, if you are interested in hot dogs, applegate farms makes yummy hot dogs that are nitrate free. But you are better off going Vegan!!! I know, hard to do, but those poor babies live an awful life and then die an excruciating death.

      • rk

        wow, just wanted to say that Sarah’s is one of the first level-headed constructive posts I read here. JM/CE is always going on about positive thinking and not complaining etc but this article is negative and not thought-through. (btw has he cared for a very sick child with sores all over it’s body? Vaccines aren’t perfect, but I can say from first-hand experience that they do work). Anyway, he could have been more positive, like Sarah, in offering constructive solutions :-)

  11. Tammie

    What about fresh apples right off my tree? Are they being covertly poisoned by the feds at Roswell? Get a grip. I appreciate the information, but don’t dramatize everything that we encounter every day. We know that fast food is not healthy for anyone and, yes, hot dogs are probably one food you don’t want to know the contents of, but treating everything as though it will do irreparable damage to and maybe kill our children causes a fear in parents that is just as harmful as what’s in the hot dogs!

    • hi tammie, your apples will probably be ok but i would wash them thoroughly first – they put heavy metals into jet fuel and ‘chem-trail’ them across the sky – this is not hocum, it has been tested and proved, but like everything else, don’t take my word for it, or the mass media’s. the internet has a billion sources of information for you to check for yourself and make your own mind up (on all these things.) just don’t start from the basis that our government definitely likes us and wants us to flourish. because as is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people every day, this is plainly not true. peace & love.

    • no it does not cause a fear in the parents that is as harmful as these products … and your apples off your tree are going to be lovely … unlike apples bought from walmart … get a brain would you …. you probably wouldn’t want to know the contents of ???? why would you not want to educate yourself and your kids about the harm that can be done by being ignorant of the truth and in fear of change …. sheeple

      • Monica

        Have you ever been outside of the United States to see children who do not have vaccines available to them? I’m certain the answer is no bc if you had…you would understand how the good that a vaccine does out weighs the small risk. They save lives….period. And I’m curious why you have to be so aggressive in your response…what’s w/the anger and hostility? Where are your credentials? What makes you an expert? If this is indeed a platform for discussion try not to be so rude to another’s different option. I get we need vitamin d, that hot dogs are bad, that Soda is poison and antibacterial soap is a problem. We all know these things. This article is neither ground breaking nor does it contain revolutionary information. Here’s a thought…calm down, relax…be respectful of those around you. Ignorance is not a reflection of a persons intelligence…it’s simply a lack of knowledge and nothing to get upset about. Only the unintelligent use the word stupid to refer to others with a difference of opinion.

        • Children in third world countries suffer from poor nutrition, no clean water and other lousy living conditions that contribute to compromised immune systems. Vaccinations don’t make up the difference.

      • Kim

        Why do you have to leave angry comments and be vindictive towards anyone who has an opposing view to you? Is that really what being “enlightened” is all about?

  12. honeynutcornflakes
  13. Canadianized

    Obviously a post this short is bound to be missing information. On sunscreen… it’s a catch 22. It does make you more likely to get a VERY nasty skin cancer, and the vitamin D thing is controversial. However, it does protect against 2 other forms of skin cancer, in which you are much more susceptible to if you do burn. Unless you can really limit your time outside and be careful about exposure, you really need to research the specific brands.

    @PanMan – I never use dryer sheets anyways. They aren’t necessary to washing clothes.
    Also unnecessary is shampoo. I have not used shampoo, or any soap for that matter, in my hair for almost a year now. The first few weeks of getting used to it is a greasy hell for your hair, but eventually you body adjusts, gets used to it, and anymore, all I have to do is give it a good rinse. My hair is just as soft and smooth as it used to be with shampoo. I also don’t lose near as much as I used to, either.

  14. RuralOhioTeacher

    @Vera-Stating that the Amish community has no Autism is ridiculous. I bet all of the Amish are out looking for a doctor in every major city to put their child somewhere on the spectrum. The Amish go on living with whatever God gives them and MOST do not question nor seek more information when their children have a disability. I have seen a few at a teaching seminar for their child with delayed speech. This was unusual.
    Also,contrary to popular belief most of the Amish community does in fact vaccinate :

    I live in area with a high population of Amish and I am friends with many and I have worked with them as well. I have met quite a few with some sort of social/learning disability they just do not obtain a diagnosis or labels for various reasons.

  15. yabbadoody

    good catch, all of these

  16. lab

    Indicating that effectively it’s the parent’s fault that their child will have autism or autistic tendencies due to their lack of self education is VILE. How do you think you’ve made those people feel? Do you have any idea of the repercussions of this accusation? For example if you have a single parent or stressed couple that are struggling to cope with their child due to their autism and who already blame themselves in part, as parents naturally do but I guess if you were a parent you might be able to understand this, over this issue reading what you have STATED yes STATED not given as opinion but fact could be the thing that pushes them over the edge.
    There are many studies and reasons being genetic alterations that cause Autism, for example, the genetic roots of the condition autism are incredibly complex, they can
    be associated with genetic disruptions of the production of serotonin, autistic spectrum
    disorders (ASD) may be more likely to occur in first-degree relatives of people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and the latest study involves looking at men who have children later in life. If you do actual research from sources that are qualified and that come from all over the world you will see there are varying studies and results and nothing is definite yet. How can you sum up in one short paragraph that vaccines are the cause? Try to think about the psychological impact you have on other people by posting misinformed and immature articles. You are the one who is ignorant if you continue to go this way. I have read many of your articles and the praise/criticism you receive and I know I’m not alone in my opinion, this has made me so disgusted that I don’t wish to read anymore and will take you off my list of likes on fb. Sorry to be harsh but I’ve had enough. I am well educated and self educated but stating fact is very dodgy ground. Try to speculate more rather than be arrogant in your “facts”.

    • Jamie413

      that is one of the most intelligent pieces of advise I have heard all day. You can find all sorts of research everywhere that is biased in one way or another, but when it comes to a topic such as “the most dangerous things for kids” I would hope we would leave our preferences and personal biases aside and actually search fro the truth…the whole truth

      • @lAB….that is one of the most intelligent pieces of advise I have heard all day. You can find all sorts of research everywhere that is biased in one way or another, but when it comes to a topic such as “the most dangerous things for kids” I would hope we would leave our preferences and personal biases aside and actually search for the truth…the whole truth


    • oh boo hoo , some feelings got hurt …

      • Beth

        Leah you are one unhappy and mean person.


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