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This term, like all the many others, can be interpreted in as many ways as there are people. Simplicity of living is usually taken as anything else, something far too modest to people and not very interesting. Almost all people want to be special, unique and not simple. And understandably so, because they are not aware of their uniqueness, as well as the general self. The truth is that we are all unique and unrepeatable but we do not allow that uniqueness to express itself, we do not live it fully. We strive for it but yet run from it.

With this desire for uniqueness, singularity, there is a desire to make something big of yourself, to ‘succeed’, to change and modify the picture of yourself, to achieve hundreds of goals that society promotes as desirable, and with which we identify the mind very easily.

These desires and beliefs encourage fear of simplicity. Living in simplicity means to live in acceptance of self, others and everything around us, free from desires that are unreal, illusory. It means to accept things as they are. Because only then, may we begin our transformation. Being simple means be what we are,to have no desire to become anything except what we really are, without running into the imagination of the mind that is never quiet. We are identified with the mind, we are confused and “wandering around”.

Simplicity means clarity. It means that we have looked at self and through self and everything else, it means that we release the efforts for achieving and all the other conflicts that we have built for years. Simplicity stems from working on self and the process of living in the presence of ‘now’ because then we know our true nature, we understand our uniqueness and there is no need to want more because it’s already here, it’s inseparable from our essence.

Thus, releasing the desire to be unique, and the fear that this happens, we become simple, we become free and easily sail through life. Simplicity, although the logical mind does not want it, is the uniqueness that mind is not and can not be fully aware. Because, we all have experiences that make us unique here in this reality, in this world and at the same time we’re all the same, part of the same wholeness. So simplicity is an indication of wisdom, a result of work on self, a result of a state of acceptance, peace and understanding ourselves, others and the universe.

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Much Love,

Sanja Mijatovic

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