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Who says that I am afraid to speak up and share my truth, or that I fear how the words will come out? Who says that I could make a mistake, or that I should not interfere?

Is it this sense of an “I” that is separate from “them”? This “I” to whom good or bad things can happen to? This “I” that is supposed to be careful with how it presents itself to the world? This “I” that must make sure it is understood?

“Wherever there is identity, there is an ‘I’ entity. Find out what this ‘I’ entity is. See if it is real.” – Mooji

This “I” you are referring to yourself as, does not exist. It sure offers the experience of a wide variety of sensations, of thoughts, of emotions… It can speak words, it can walk, it can move, it can create… But it is not, and never will be who YOU truly are. Because who you truly are is noTHING. You use things as vehicles for experience, you use your hands to create, your voice to express. But who experiences? Who creates? Who expresses? It is the very soul of life, playing, creating, and sharing though this imaginary “you”.

“There is no ‘you’… there is only Life disguised as everything.” 
– Michael Jeffreys

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When you feel pulled to do something, to create, or to share the wisdom that speaks uniquely through you, do not get “you” in the way. Do not take “you” seriously… See “I” and “me” for what it is: A vehicle of expression that is only there to be used by who you truly are, and no longer to control you.

“Question this very “me,” this “I” you take yourself to be. With deep self-inquiry you will discover it is just a “story” too — the story-teller. The “I” telling the story is no more real than any other thought.”
– Jim Dreaver


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