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It’s crazy how our concepts of truth, no matter how true they may be and how much they resonate with us, totally transform when we get to KNOW them exempt from concept. It’s like you never truly knew them before, and pretended you did, until their true, definitionless, non-conceptual essence slap you in the face. It’s nice.

I challenge you all to revisit all of the concepts you have adhered to, whether it is ‘Oneness’, ‘All is Love’, ‘Nothingness’, ‘Spirituality’, ‘You are not your thoughts’, ‘Life is an illusion’, or ‘The power of Now’, and feel inside just how much of it is mental blabber, and how much of it is actually known, felt, and lived. The mind likes to get concepts in the way of genuine growth. I can see it in myself and others ;). If you are truly ready to inquire about it, (or perhaps you already have) this should be the beginning of an internal garage sale of so many attachments that hid themselves in the corners of your mind. This should begin to make some room for true, rock solid KNOWING.

“A concept of truth sure can be a pointer to the truth, but never will be the Truth itself. Truth is the consciousness in which all concepts and ideas arise, yet remains unwavered by such concepts and ideas.” – Elina

🙂 Much Love

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