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For decades we have been hit left, right and center with pressure to receive an assortment of vaccinations – diphtheria, rubeola, rubella, mumps, tetanus, poliomyelitis and H1N1 just to name a few. We are led to believe that without their “protection” we will fall victim to an assortment of horrible diseases we are becoming increasingly at risk to contracting, no matter how and where we live.

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A life without any vaccinations sure does sound scary doesn’t it? I mean imagine how much an unvaccinated person would be likely to contract. They must live a life locked in fear. Afraid to work. Afraid to travel. Afraid to ever be intimate. Sounds absolutely dreadful.

Having never received a single vaccination my entire life… I prefer to see it as a blessing.

Despite what the media and medical world would like us to believe, it is becoming increasingly apparent that vaccinations aren’t exactly what they have been hyped up to be. You can now find an overwhelming number of personal stories, medical reports and articles all outlining the numerous negative impacts the various vaccinations are designed to have on an individual.  Impacts such as: (1) the preservation of vaccines with methyl mercury – one of the most dangerous chemical forms of toxic metal, (2) the severe neurological damage that comes as a result of this exposure, (3) the inherent link between vaccinations and autism in children, just to name a few.

Despite this information being readily available through a simple internet search, so many of us continue to roll up our sleeves and receive vaccination after vaccination.  In the Western World, some children are exposed to over 30 vaccinations by age 5… most of which are considered “mandatory.” It’s this exact bit that I would like to focus this article on. That despite certain educational policies WE DO HAVE A CHOICE. The requirement to provide a complete immunization history in order to allow your child to attend school DOES come with an asterisk next it.

In fact, in places such as the province of Ontario (one of the several Canadian provinces with ‘mandatory’ vaccination in place) the ability to opt-out has never been easier. Opting out simply requires the filling out of one of the following two forms and submitting it to your local Public Health Unit.

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Form Option #1 – Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Affirmation

Example of this form:

Form Option #2 – Statement of Medical Exemption 

Example of this form:

For those that live in the United States, an online forum has already done a lot of the leg work for you, giving you the proper link to the form for each of the 50 States. Here is the link to that forum: 

If you are awake to the truth about vaccines but none of these links cover your geographical location, it’s just an internet search away. Whether it takes a Conscious Belief Affidavit or something similar, the option hopefully exists. If you come across any helpful links, also be sure to share them in the comments section of the article.

I’ve gone through 3 levels of school, several jobs, have travelled and even studied throughout Canada, the US, and Europe all without never having received a single vaccination. Did I get challenged at several points? Absolutely. But that challenge was just a completed form away from being overcome.

I don’t live my life in fear, simply because I choose not to.

I didn’t receive those vaccinations because my parents -and later I -simply choose not to.

The choice truly is yours.

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